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  1. How to prevent running out of stored food.
  2. Salbuchi - 2010 Forecast Status Report at 05March10
  3. Researchers create 3-D invisibility cloak: study
  4. Mother Earth - Probability leaps
  5. Masdar: Abu Dhabi's carbon-neutral city
  6. Future Events - The Iran War
  7. Lovelock: 'We can't save the planet'
  8. Mass extintion NOW??...LET'S AVERT!!!
  9. 2010 predictions from beyond
  10. Future Events
  11. Why Ancient Wisdom Matters in the Modern World
  12. What are the best things that have been 'predicted', have come true?
  13. Rituals for Lover Earth - must read
  14. ET contactee Anthony Kane on the dimensional shift
  15. I saw the future, I think.
  16. From futurist Stephan A. Schwartz - Trends That Will Affect Your Future …
  17. Peace One Day - Get involved and lives wil be saved
  18. some easier ways to
  19. Whats going to kill us (or not)
  20. Earth 'too hot for humans' within 300 years
  21. 'World could be plunged into crisis in 2014'
  22. Top scientists show us their wish lists
  23. 2010 predictions and Nostradamus
  24. Human race 'will be extinct within 100 years', claims leading scientist
  25. The Zeitgeist Movement and the Venus Project
  26. CIA report: Israel will fall in 20 years
  27. A New Age of Wonder
  28. Earth People Government
  29. Laser-Powered Lightcraft "At the Cusp of Commercial Reality"
  30. New IBM Supercomputer Answers Questions
  31. Historian warns of sudden collapse of American ‘empire’
  32. The End of Men
  33. Chinese missile could shift Pacific power balance
  34. Our broken global economic model . . . and what YOU think we can do about it.
  35. Coherent focused projection project
  36. I bless thee, O beloved soul from God , a woman...
  37. Boffins invent 3D TV you can touch
  38. Hollywoods predictive programming
  39. Global Collapse of the Fiat Money System
  40. From sea to sky: Submarines that fly
  41. The Empathic Civilization
  42. Predictions for 2012-2050
  43. Global Governance 2025: At a Critical Juncture (report)
  44. Karen Bishop
  45. Evidences of the World Wide 4th dimension Progressive Perceptions
  46. Dear Religious (And Sane) America article Huffington Post
  47. Numbers Again.
  48. Truth or dare ... Do we dare to see the truth ?
  49. Vehicles That Will Survive The Future
  50. The Future of Man--How Will Evolution Change Humans?
  51. From October 26th 1010 to November 2010
  52. Secrets of the Mayan calendar unveiled, by Ian Xel Lungold
  53. The United States: 2011 - 2013 And Beyond
  54. Space- time cloaking technology
  55. Russia plans to move its people to big towns
  56. A 15 year-old Kickstarts the Revolution
  57. EU countries working towards possible EU-Wide Military
  58. Group Power !! Is there more we can do?
  59. Beware the Transhumanism movement.
  60. The amazing RoboDad
  61. Kerry's new years eve prediction show..4 guests
  62. Christian Sect Warns: End of days will be in May 2011.
  63. The Rainbow Children - A little story for our times (an alternative take on 2012)
  64. Gerald Celente: Internet nuke bomb waiting to go off
  65. Dawn of the Unity Wave - Carl Calleman
  66. The Divine Feminine
  67. Zeitgeist. Where are we going?
  68. Zeitgeist. Where are we going?
  69. Prophecy of the Popes from St Malachy
  70. Vertical Farming
  71. Epigenetics and how to take control of the change we need to be
  72. To let go !
  73. How To Foil A Nationwide Internet Shutdown
  74. Robonaut 2 set to become first humanoid robot in space
  75. How does it feel to be human and ascend in Christ consciousness: transition is now.
  76. St. Matthew Island Food Supply Dwindles
  77. Matthias Stormberger - That Prophet does no error on the future
  78. Strange coincidence or Hidden msg?
  79. The Singularity, will happen in 2045
  80. the 7 chosen ones
  81. The Five Stones - story for the future
  82. Prophecy
  83. A Day Made of Glass... Made possible by Corning.
  84. I wish you well
  85. Federation
  86. The Shape of Things to Come (2011/2012) - Issue Nine (9)
  87. Self-Sustainable Community
  88. Geo-Caching
  89. A global 'flash mob experience' to send a clear message to humanity
  90. Humans able to back up their brain and its memories within two decades.
  91. The "Anastasia" Books / The Kins Domains' Movement
  92. An elevated future for Christchurch?
  93. The Future On Another Planet (will past Earth conflicts resurface?)
  94. NWO Don't miss the open declarations to be heard by all. Are you listening?
  95. Activation of Kubrick's Odyssey Dawn
  96. Is this a good time to be alive on Earth?
  97. acceptance
  98. dealing with the coming "disaster" info/disinfo
  99. Verander de Wereld... Beslis of wij ons moeten tonen (**DUTCH**)
  100. Are we ready to upload Human Being 2.0?
  101. When seeing and hearing is not believing By William M. Arkin Feb. 1, 1999
  102. 2012 - A Message of Hope
  103. dream about post-NWO envirment
  104. I have witnessed an AI simulated revolution on planet Earth
  105. Can you put to words the expression of the essence of this video ?
  106. Where are we now?
  107. Royal wedding, birthquakes and resurrection.
  108. Terence McKenna's Final Earthbound Interview
  109. Stepping out of Rat Race and Jumping into Real World
  110. Mayan Calendar Interpreter Carl Calleman's Latest Message
  111. Synthesis of prophecies
  112. Alex Collier and the Holographic Social Structure
  113. Question for you..
  114. The 2x2mm chip with nearly 2 million transistors on it and 512 radars
  115. Ucadia
  116. Prophecy from 1944
  117. When governments crumble
  118. Laser beam can send 26 Terabits per second -World record
  119. CONSENSUS What do you believe is the most important info to know?
  120. Will parts of Japan & New Zealand sink into the Ocean?
  121. How Will It All End? A Collection Of End Of The World Scenarios - Exit Mundi
  122. TECHNOCALYPS: A prophetic 2006 documentary about transhumanism
  123. Don't play the Fear game
  124. Drunvalo Melchizedek's interview.
  125. The Urwin Combat System
  126. Electronic Telepathy. A discussion about the effects this may have on society
  127. Urgent - Prepare the Grid for Severe Space Weather
  128. A great new way to record UFO visits to Earth
  129. I am leaving a mark for the future!
  130. Paul Hellyer: Abolishing Fed and new energy disclosure key to U.S. survival
  131. Life, Liberty & The Pursuit of Happiness - Video
  132. 2012 in Torah and Koran
  133. disclosure and you
  134. The year immortality is achieved
  135. How we lived when the power went out
  136. Message from Last Night....
  137. Two dreams
  138. Stepping Into The Fire (2011) - A Review
  139. Mayan secrets to be revealed by Mexican government
  140. Holographic Avalonian QnA thread (Areas of expertise / knowledge you offer)
  141. A Gifting Economy
  142. If nothing happens..... what will you do?
  143. must see, artificial intelligence arguing
  144. Your Home Planet
  145. Telecommunications of the Future - Ultra-Dimensional Technology
  146. Move "In Time" - a possible future for micro-chiping?
  147. Edge of a Dream - Electronic Telepathy - Very In Depth Video of 'Future' Technology
  148. Poll: How many of you believe something major is going to happen soon
  149. Full Spectrum Dominance = Global dominance
  150. Touchable Holograms and Chemtrails
  151. Project Utopia: Drive-your-own 'Floating Island'..!
  152. 11:11: You have the code to enter the portal
  153. Deep in Foxfire Hollow (meanderings of a slightly crazy mountain woman)
  154. Rossi "E-Cat" Cold Fusion Test Today In Italy
  155. New Dolores Cannon Interview
  156. Clyde Lewis inteviewing Cliff High Web bot project 9th 0ct
  157. Sollog in the 'Flesh' rebukes 9Nania over End of World Warning for 2011..!
  158. Possible 2 Suns?
  159. Carl Calleman's Descriptions of the Three Possible Realities after 10/28/11
  160. Sion
  161. Prediction: 20 Reasons 11-9-11 Could be the REAL 911..?
  162. Quantum Locking And The Fabric Of The Cosmos
  163. For the Next Generation
  164. We Have Two Fundamental Choices
  165. 11 11 11
  166. Ex-CIA officer Robert D. Steele explains how to fight the NWO
  167. Australia and the NWO
  168. Arthur C Clarke ....BBC Horizon interview 1964....
  169. NWO Transhumanism MindWarping Lecture by Tom Horn HD
  170. On Earth: What is the Human Legacy?
  171. CHINA..!..Wins World War 3...( it fits perfectly and joins 'all' the dots )
  172. Structural Synergy
  173. The Matrix Today
  174. Indigenous Guiding Principles for Building a Sustainable and Harmonious World
  175. Connecting the Broken Circuits in Our Bodies to Prepare for the future
  176. 2012 False Flag ET Invasion
  177. Preparing For Tomorrow, Today: The Way of The Peaceful Warrior
  178. Available Free Light Energy is a Reality!
  179. Slingshot hunting and self defense
  180. Gerald Celente's top trends for 2012 - NB. The World isn't ending in 2012!
  181. Brandon Adams Interview ...Powerful, needed a thread imho
  182. An Alternate Earth, Changing of the Guard.
  183. What If Humans Were Twice as Intelligent?
  184. Time lines merging ~ What does that mean to you?
  185. IBM Working on EV Battery with 500-Mile Range
  186. Hopi prophecy from 1986
  187. 2012 The Odyssey - Gregg Braden
  188. Guidance From Past/Future Children?
  189. Study on the apocalypse from The Jerusalem Holy Bible
  190. 22 December 2012 will be just another day for me.
  191. Skynet _ anthony sanchez & jay weidner
  192. Mission Paradise (Jim Channon)
  193. Prophetic Visions
  194. Step Four - Transition to Human Self-Rule and Prosperity
  196. The Shape of Things Not Coming
  197. Sunke Temple Trust
  198. The Shape of Things Not Coming, Part 2
  199. A sea change, It's happening now.
  201. Interview with "George Kavassilas" lightworkers into 5D, 3 part run
  202. is the past a look at what is to come with earthquacks?
  203. Are we all just frogs in a pot???
  204. UMKA - What do you think?
  205. ~~ URGENT REQUEST ~~ Timeline Manifestation Now!
  206. Virtual Prisons for Dangerous A.I.
  207. How to Get to the Holographic System Without Money, Which Alex Collier Had Mentioned
  208. well I was right on the money!!!!!!!!!!!!! Earthquake of 7.4 yesterday in Mexico!!!!
  209. Face recognition, 36 Million Faces In One Second
  210. Beyond 2012 - Evolving Perspectives On the Next Age
  211. Go Fly A Kite or, A Jellyfish
  212. Rethink the Human Organisation System
  213. Our new World...........How should it be?
  214. Money jumped into my hands ( i swear !)
  215. Our right--Tesla technology now.
  216. The next 8 months /insider info
  217. How to Feed the World While the Earth Cooks ~ Scientific American article
  218. Egyptian Teenager Creates Next-Generation Quantum Space Propulsion System
  219. Sleep Mask for Lucid Dreaming by Remee
  220. Latest David Wilcock blog 2012-jun-08 - Mass Arrests / Divine Intervention: New Brief
  221. Welcome to my table...
  222. Magnetic pole reversal?
  223. Thorium reactors...which nation will lead the way?
  224. An Intrgalactic Council Announcement
  225. Shape-Shifting Robots: Forget Nanotech; Think Claytronics
  226. GOD, more symbolism re: 2012 Olympics!
  227. Incredible interview of how we create our reality
  228. Drawing attention to steal intention
  229. Uganda - New York Dream Connection and ebola
  230. Solar Flash wipes out the worlds Power... Revolution
  231. What will happen to unpaid mortgages?
  232. zombies.... again....
  233. TED- A Sixth Sense Technology!
  234. "Operation Lunar Supercomputer" and Colonization of the Moon
  235. Printable guns...almost a reality!
  236. Free Fall From The Edge of Space Breaking the Sound Barrier Stratos 2012
  237. On what Europes leaders are planning for future.. IMPORTANT PLEASE READ
  238. Reacting VS. Creating
  239. Natural Teleportation
  240. Spray-On Batteries!
  241. Beyond December 21st: 2013 predictions
  242. Mark Hamilton
  243. My intention prayer for today...
  244. Some interesting inventions. From Inventor-strategies.com
  245. Dr Who - The Snowmen
  246. Computer Watch. Would you wear one? Apple rumor
  247. Crystal ceremonies ... something seems to be happening and it's good news...
  248. 2045: Man becomes machine//Can man become immortal? // Robocops to patrol LA by 2025
  249. Pentagon's Cyborg Soldiers...Coming To Fruition
  250. Paycheck