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  1. Bone Analysis Shows Gravettian People Ate Mammoth
  2. Largest Stone Block From Antiquity Found
  3. Stonehenge Tunnel Proposed
  4. Indonesian shell has 'earliest human engraving'
  5. Gift List Circa 50,000 B.C.
  6. Weird Fossil Reveals Ancient Balloon Animal
  7. Diving Japan's mysterious underwater ruins with Graham Hancock
  8. Interesting Documentary about Mars terrian
  9. Atlantis and/or Lemuria Hiding in Plain Sight - With Scientific Evidence
  10. Sarcophagus of a Singer of the God Amun Found in Luxor
  11. Bronze Age Grave in Denmark Contained Egyptian Bead
  12. 2,400-Year-Old Coffin's 'Odd' Art Hints at Ancient Egypt's Brain Drain
  13. Unearthed Three Bronze Statuettes Depicting Gods
  14. The Real Skynet by Nick Pope, Ex-MOD Employee, UK!
  15. Laser Technology Reveals Rickets in Mary Rose Sailors
  16. Naia—the 13,000-Year-Old Native American
  17. Strange Rock from Russia Contains 30,000 Diamonds
  18. Ancient Glass Bracelet Decorated with Menorahs Found in Israel
  19. Mysterious 3,600 year old disc may have let farmers track the seasons
  20. Mystery of Ancient Chinese Civilization's Disappearance Explained
  21. Belize's Famous 'Blue Hole' Reveals Clues to the Maya's Demise
  22. Archaeologists Have Unearthed a 6,000-Year-Old Mega-Temple Built by a Matriarchal Society
  23. Maya Cities Lost and Found
  24. Etruscan Discoveries at the "Necropolis of the Pub"
  25. Craze Over Greek Tomb Spawns Virtual Worlds Online
  26. Norwegian Vikings Among the First to Raid British Isles
  27. The Price of Plunder
  28. Ancient Amulet Discovered with Curious Palindrome Inscription
  29. The Viking Gjermundbu Helmet
  30. Moche of Feru
  31. Unknown Queen's Tomb Discovered in Egypt
  32. Turkey’s Oldest Tool Is 1.2 Million Years Old
  33. Ralph Glidden's Eight Foot Skeleton Picture From Catalina Island
  34. X-Rays Reveal Snippets From Papyrus Scrolls That Survived Mount Vesuvius
  35. 2,000-Year-Old Roman Decoration Found in Denmark
  36. Mummy Mask May Reveal Oldest Known Gospel
  37. PTSD in the Ancient World
  38. First DNA tests say Kennewick Man was Native American
  39. Ancient Human Fossil Could Be New Primitive Species
  40. Corpse of 200-Year-Old Monk Found in Lotus Position
  41. 1st Americans Used Spear-Throwers to Hunt Large Animals
  42. Rock Art On Earth Draws Scientists to Ancient Lakes
  43. Object Lesson: Giant scarab beetle
  44. Prehistoric Grave May Be Earliest Example of Death During Childbirth
  45. Mysterious Stone Carving May Contain Old Message
  46. The Lost City of Angkor Wat & the Mysteries of a Great Asian Civilisation
  47. Mystery Over 15th-Century Drilled Skull Solved
  48. Skeletons in 6,000-Year-Old Embrace Found in Cave
  49. great site for high-resolution spherical panorama shots
  50. Largest Trove of Gold Coins Found off Israel
  51. Ancient Shrines Used for Predicting the Future Discovered
  52. Bioarchaeologists Examine Diet Consumed by Paracas Culture
  53. 1,000-year-old Buddha statue has a mummy inside
  54. Vikings Were 'Global Investors,' Not Just Pillagers
  55. Ancient Mesopotamian Artifacts Smashed in New ISIS Video
  56. Jesus' House? 1st-Century Structure May Be Where He Grew Up
  57. Freddy Silva - Ancient Grid Temple Power Network
  58. First Known Human Found in Ethiopia
  59. 170-Year-Old Shipwreck Beer Smells Gross
  60. Bronze Age civilization that flourished in China mysteriously disappeared
  61. “Significant Variation” Found in Skulls From Pre-Contact Peru
  62. Alexander the Great-Era Treasure Found in Israeli Cave
  63. Evidence of iron being used in the Great Pyramid
  64. Less known ancient megalithic archaeological sites
  65. Little Foot Fossils Are 3.67 Million Years Old
  66. Neolithic cathedral, barely plausible it could have been built using only stone tools
  67. Graham Hancock on Magicians of the Gods preview interview and presentation....2015
  68. Researchers find a 250 million year old microchip in Russia // plus various presentations & interviews.
  69. How the Great Pyramid in Egypt was built
  70. Evidence of Pre-Columbus Trade Found in Alaska House
  71. Oldest Neanderthal DNA Found in Italian Skeleton
  72. Steel Blade May Have Been Wielded by Mongol Invader
  73. 13,000 Year Old Swimming Reindeer
  74. Ancient Hangover Cure Discovered in Greek Texts
  75. Zahi Hawass Storms out of Debate
  76. Baby Teeth Show Modern Humans Made Innovative Tools
  77. Rare Bronze Owl Brooch Found on Danish Island
  78. Liquid mercury found under Mexican pyramid could lead to king's tomb
  79. Early Urban Planning: Ancient Mayan City Built on Grid
  80. Egypt to rebuild the Lighthouse of Alexandria
  81. New Life for the Lion Man
  82. Human skin found on 2-million-year-old fossil
  83. Gold-Filled Tomb of Chinese 'Survivor' Mom Discovered
  84. Dragons of Xanadu: Sculptures Discovered in Legendary City
  85. Bronze Mirrors Made in Japan Earlier Than Previously Thought
  86. 'New species' of ancient human unearthed in Ethiopia , A new relative joins “Lucy” on the human family tree.
  87. 2500-Year-Old 'Wonder Woman' Found on Vase
  88. Gladiator Fights Revealed in Ancient Graffiti
  89. Rare Inscription Bearing Biblical Name Found in Israel
  90. 800-year-old Buddhist statue of goddess with a thousand hands restored to former glory
  91. Hidden secrets of 1491 world map revealed via multispectral imaging
  92. A Neanderthal / Human Hybrid?
  93. Iron Age Warrior Lived with Arrowhead in Spine
  94. Göbekli Tepe: Who Built It, When, and Why? // Linda Howe Human Alien Hybrids and Gobekli Tepe
  95. 10 Lesser-Known Egyptian Gods That Are Absolutely Terrifying
  96. Mayan pyramid is among tallest ever found
  97. Oldest Dentistry Found in 14,000-Year-Old Tooth
  98. Taming the Horse
  99. Biblical Text from 500 A.D. Deciphered from Charred Scroll
  100. Weird Horse-Cows and 6-Legged Sheep Found in Iron Age Burials
  101. Horses and the Heavens
  102. The Temple at Bald Rock
  103. Riding into the Afterlife
  104. World's Oldest Koran Fragments Found in U.K.
  105. 4,000-Year-Old Egyptian Reliefs Unearthed
  106. DNA uncovers mystery migration to the Americas
  107. Warhorses
  108. Peru Plans to Contact Isolated Amazon Tribe
  109. Sport and Spectacle
  110. Cosmogony of the 3 worlds: when the earth expanded and changed position in relation to the sun
  111. Eygption Queen Nefertiti ' was she buried inside King Tut's tomb ' ?
  112. Seeking Truth Seekers, scientific method and Atlantis spirituality based preferred
  113. 'Winged Monster' Rock Art Finally Deciphered
  114. Bronze Age Ireland’s Taste in Gold
  115. Ancient Egyptians Forced Open Mouths During Mummification
  116. "Doggerland ".....North Sea's Atlantis : New Study // Time Team Special - Britain's Drowned World
  117. Huge Stone "Arena" Found Buried Near Stonehenge
  118. New human-like species discovered in S Africa
  119. Giant, Mysterious Body of Water Found Under China Desert
  120. Oldest, Longest Ancient Egyptian Leather Manuscript Found
  121. 16 Pyramids Discovered in Ancient Cemetery
  122. Intact 2,700-Year-Old Tomb Found in Northern Peru
  123. 1500-Year-Old Mosaic Map Found
  124. Jimmy Church w/ Andrew Collins, Gobekli Tepe
  125. 'Witchcraft' Island Reveals Evidence of Stone Age Rituals
  126. PCTV : Brien Foerster - Hidden Archeology
  127. Nubia: The Forgotten African Kingdom with rich cities, gold treasures, pyramids & even a Warrior Queen
  128. 2,400-Year-Old Tombs Yield Ancient Aristocrats
  129. 120,000-Yr-Old Human Found in China
  130. Bloody Arrowhead Reveals Maya 'Life Force' Ceremony
  131. Hiker Discovers Viking Sword in Norway
  132. Resurrecting the Maize King
  133. Global Oneness : "Sangha as the next Buddha"
  134. The Coneheads of Peru
  135. Treasure-Packed Warrior's Grave Found
  136. Hobby Lobby Owners Under Investigation for Illegally Acquiring Stolen Artifacts
  137. 22 Shipwrecks Found in Single Location in Greece
  138. Ancient Native American 'Twins' Had Different Mothers
  139. Egypt to scan pyramids, seeking new ‘secrets’
  140. Emerald Tablets of Thoth, the Atlantean
  141. Party Like It's 2500 B.C.: Stonehenge Builders Hosted Barbecues
  142. Even NASA is perplexed by these otherworldly 8,000-year-old formations in Kazakhstan
  143. 17th-Century Box's Contents Revealed by X-Rays
  144. Tomb Tells Tale of Family Executed by China's 1st Female Emperor
  145. Did Australian Aborigines reach America first?
  146. Ancient Greek stronghold uncovered in Jerusalem
  147. Object lesson: the Battersea Shield
  148. Ice Age Ancient Art: arrival of the modern mind
  149. Birchbark Message Tells Story of Medieval Traveler
  150. New Clues Point to Secret Chamber in King Tut Tomb
  151. Bock Saga update (regarding the North Pole Asers and the Ringland, language and history)
  152. 10 tons of 2,000-year-old coins unearthed
  153. Ancient Board Game Found in Looted China Tomb
  154. Historical Archive Found in Russian Birds' Nest
  155. Joe Rogan Experience - Graham Hancock & Randall Carlson
  156. 1,700-Year-Old Ring Depicts Nude Cupid, the Homewrecking God
  157. King Tutankhamun's tomb: Evidence grows for hidden chamber
  158. The Family Unit: make or break
  159. Isolated Indian Tribe Contacts World for the First Time
  160. FADE to BLACK w/ John Anthony West: Back from Egypt
  161. Fade 2 Black Ep362..Gobekli Tepe Pillars Etched On Bone Found At 12,000-Year-Old Site..L.M.Howe
  162. 300-year old galleon found off Colombia
  163. Lost Tomb of 'Suleiman the Magnificent' Possibly Unearthed
  164. Stunning Discoveries at Angkor Wat
  165. Jordan, Middle East: Huge Geometric Shapes adds to other monuments like the Sphinx, Gobekli etc.
  166. Ancient 'Wand' May Be Oldest Example of Lead Work in the Levant
  167. Intact, Packed Etruscan Tomb Found
  168. Traces of a 'Lost' Stonehenge Appear in Rock Quarry
  169. More Evidence Of Ancient Machining & Highly Advanced Civilization In The Andes Of Peru
  170. Roman Sword and shipwreck discovered off Oak Island
  171. Startling new report on Oak Island could ‘rewrite history’ of the Americas
  172. Sickle-Wearing Skeletons Reveal Ancient Fear of Demons
  173. Interesting Danubian culture of 5000 BC
  174. King Tut's Wet Nurse May Have Been His Sister
  175. Oetzi the Iceman Has World's Oldest Tattoos
  176. Ancient Viking settlement found in Norway
  177. Mythological Mercury Pool
  178. Belgammel Ram reveals all
  179. Son of Hercules vs. Hydra: Altar Showing Mythical Battle Discovered
  180. Ram Statue Unearthed on Christmas Eve May Represent Jesus
  181. Ancient Aliens Debunked
  182. Kerry Cassidy interviews Michael Cremo / Re Ancient Archeology
  183. Humans adapted to Arctic 10,000 years earlier
  184. Hidden Origins with Michael Tellinger
  185. Ancient structures that altered sound
  186. LOST CIVILIZATION: 15,000 Year Old Unknown Chapter in Human History // Babylonians tracked Jupiter...
  187. The first pyramid found in Spain
  188. Neanderthals and humans interbred '100,000 years ago'
  189. Michael Tellinger - Ancient technology and the Ubuntu movement
  190. Is it possible that Göbekli Tepe is linked to Atlantis?
  191. There's a lot of evidence that a Great Flood happened many thousands of years ago... but what caused it?
  192. Excellent Documentary: Skeletons in the Closet Redheads, Giants, Celts and Persians in New Zealand...and still there today!
  193. The Prehistoric Worldwide Import of the Great Lakes
  194. Robert Graves and Archaeolmythology
  195. A million Years BEFORE Atlantis
  196. Klaus Dona - Out of Place Artefacts (presentation)
  197. Sarah Parcak, an Archeologist who is launching a worldwide campaign to make us all space archeologists
  198. Mound Builders and Giants in the Americas
  199. Mysterious Maiden 800 Million Years Old PRESERVED as if SLEEPING.
  200. Back Then, Some People Could Think!
  201. Quebec teen discovers ancient Mayan ruins by studying the stars
  202. Ancient Origins Website Co-Founders Interview
  203. What Happened in the King's Chamber?
  204. Hopi Inner Tunnels in Grand Canyon
  205. Brien Foerster: Lost Ancient High Technology Of Egypt Before The Pharaohs
  206. Tutankhamun’s blade ‘made from meteorite’
  207. Hikers on Caribbean island of Montserrat find ancient stone carvings
  208. 2,500 year old 'ice princess' with tattoos displayed at new moon
  209. Ancient Mayan observatory was used to track sun and Venus
  210. Statue dating back to 1400 years found in Kashmir
  211. 8,000 Year-Old Piece Of Wood Is Blowing Archaeologists’ Minds
  212. Separate species? Study backs 'Hobbit' island dwarfism theory, quashes skeptics' microcephaly claims
  213. 800,000-Year-Old Footprints Found in Desert
  214. Whistling Sling Bullets Were Roman Troops' Secret 'Terror Weapon'
  215. Thousands of aligned holes have attracted the attention of archaeologists
  216. The Great Pyramid of Giza Has Eight Sides - An Historical Fact.
  217. Mummy of Egyptian Noblewoman Found
  218. Dynastic Elongated Skulls
  219. Recent Scott Onstott Interview from Scotland
  220. The mysterious prehistoric geoglyph of the Paracas Candelabra
  221. The Longyou Grottoes: (Hand-Carved Caves)
  222. Mummified, 99-Million-Year-Old Wings Caught in Amber
  223. Ancient Mexico Ball Game Statue Discovered
  224. Pluto’s ‘Gate To Hell’ Discovered in Ancient City of Hierapolis
  225. Ancient Shrine May Hold Buddha's Skull Bone
  226. Inside a Scythian Burial Mound
  227. Tombs in Portugal used as ancient telescopes
  228. Urine-Based Dye Found in Ancient New Testament
  229. Rockwall, Texas
  230. Mighty Viking Ax Discovered in Tomb of Medieval 'Power Couple'
  231. Caribbean Cave Art Illuminates Encounters with Europeans
  232. Graham Hancock TED Talk 2016: Cataclysmic event 12,800-11,600 yrs ago // interviews, presentations
  233. The three toed tree toad...
  234. Pyramid high level technology
  235. Ancient Syrian site discovered and destroyed
  236. Excellent F2B interview: Damon T Berry, Creator of THE KNOWLEDGE OF THE FOREVER TIME Series
  237. Anunnaki and the Native American connection
  238. 5 Clues Advanced Civilizations Existed MILLIONS of Years Ago
  239. Untold Ancient History: a Timeline Based on Historic Sites & Artefacts
  240. Is the Fuente Magna Bowl a Fake?
  241. Mysterious 6,000-year-old Fortresses Found in Jordan Show Surprisingly Advanced Early Society
  242. Stonehenge Queen's jewellery goes on display
  243. Jesus' father 'not human' ?
  244. Stonehenge Autumn Equinox celebrations & Stonehenge under threat..
  245. Ancient Egyptian Artifacts Discovered in Illinois Cave (Marion County)
  246. Ancient Roman coins found under ruins of Japanese castle.
  247. DNA results: the Elongated Paracas Skulls
  248. The Nebra Sky Disc ( Nebra Scheibe)
  249. Graham Hancock & Randall Carlson on the Joe Rogan Experience
  250. Ancient city is unearthed by archaeologists in Egypt