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  1. Yonaguni under water pyramid
  2. Man kind goes back 120 million years and more
  3. Old World Secrets the Omega Codes
  4. Sound - The Lost Secret of the Ancient Monument Builders
  5. Pyramid Building Solved?
  6. Interesting Facts About The Pyramids
  7. Carmen Boulter - Egyptian Mysteries
  8. The Enigmatic Ruins of Tihuanaco & Puma Punku
  9. Ancient Aliens
  10. PLS help in research info if you have on the TAZO Stone found in 1987 Red Sea Earthqu
  11. Carmen Boulter in Coast to Coast interview on Egyptian pyramids and other mysteries
  12. Mysterious Mountains Hidden Beneath Antarctic Ice Revealed
  13. Take a Look at the Walls Of Egypt. (videos)
  14. The Bosnian Pyramid - rewriting human history?
  15. Guns, Germs and Steel: The Fates of Human Societies
  16. The Dogon Code: Linking Egypt and West Africa
  17. "What Was the Real Purpose of the Great Pyramid of Giza?”
  18. Dropos crash , 10,000 B.C.~ Sino-Tibetan Border
  19. Spirals Underground
  20. King Tuts DNA is Western European
  21. An opportunity to put questions to Zahi Hawass
  22. Chichen Itza pyramid emits beam of light
  23. Genetc experiment - Neanderthals
  24. Atlantis - A medallion found in Egypt in 2003
  25. The China Pyramids - Walter Hain
  26. Underwater City Off of Cuba
  28. Bronze-age brain surgery discovered in Turkey
  29. The Pyramid Code
  30. What is a great book on ancient Sumeria/Egypt/antiquity art?
  31. AKAKOR - The lost city - and Karl Brugger assassination
  32. Alternative History - Land of Osiris
  33. Sealand Skull Photo Released
  34. Palenque and The 13 Moon Mayan Calendar - Importance
  35. Newly discovered Amazonian Geoglyphs
  36. SPIRALS, everywhere in the ancient world why ?
  37. Megalithic stones and stone use all over the ancient world, why ?
  38. Ancient City in India Irradiated by Atomic Blast
  39. Archaeologists Discover Lost Civilization Under The Melting Arctic
  40. Crystal Skull Legend
  41. Ancient Aliens: Mysterious Places (Season 2: Episode 1)
  42. Crystal Skull of Love
  43. Hidden in plain sight...
  44. The Mysterious Pyramids of Mauritius, Sicily and Tenerife
  45. Michael Cremo : Forbidden Archeology
  46. Egyptian archaeologist admits pyramids contain UFO technology
  47. Does the metal library really exist??
  48. 12,000-year-old mine found in Chile
  49. Ancient Egyptian presence in Australia - updated
  50. New archeology section needed?
  51. Swedes brought Templars to MN to hide ancient treasures in 1342...
  52. Egypt's Cave Underworld Under Investigation
  53. What lies beneath the Temple Mount
  54. Researchers: Ancient human remains found in Israel
  55. Xpeditions TV: A Look Into The Ancient Past
  56. Cleopatra exhibit at the Franklin mint
  57. How long can these charlatans maintain the charade, and why is it allowed.
  58. Italian Pyramids
  59. Were they playing cricket 2-3 Billion years ago???
  60. Sumeria And The Hunt For Civilization X.
  61. China Pulled White Mummy From US Exhibition
  62. Ancient city found on Caribbean sea floor. Is it Atlantis?
  63. Stone Circles and sacred sites.
  64. The Mysterious Stone Monuments of Markawasi Peru
  65. Skull in Underwater Cave May Be Earliest Trace of First Americans
  66. Sisters of Tartaria tablets found at Vadu Rau
  67. Oak Island Money Pit
  68. Prehistoric American Skull Found in Sea Cave
  69. Researchers Announce Discovery of Site of Fabled City of Atlantis
  70. Heavy metal secrets from a Mid-East cave
  71. What did the Romans ever do for us (if they didn't build our roads)?
  72. 70 Christian Metal Books Found. Believed To Be Earliest Christian Writings. 2000+years old (Jordan Codices)
  73. Arkaim - ancient Russian city and psychic hotspot
  74. Dr. Zahi Hawass, Fake Chamber Scandal
  75. The Secret Caves of Giza
  76. Possible Alien artifact discovered in the Indian jungle
  77. Ancient Advanced Technologies - Technologies of The Gods
  78. Egyptian pyramids found by infra-red satellite images
  79. Cover Ups at the Smithsonian
  80. Is The Egyptian Revolution An Illuminati Play For The Sphinx Artifacts?
  81. Possible Subterranean Culture Entrances
  82. Gobekli Tep , The Worlds Oldest Temple? 11.000 years
  83. Forbidden Archeology 4/4
  84. Biblical Archaeology
  85. Astronomical observations at Kintraw in Argyll
  86. Egypt's Iconic Antiquities Chief, Zahi Hawass, Fired;
  87. Ancient Discoveries
  88. The giant mound builders of Erie
  89. THE PYRAMID CODE (TV Series)
  90. Elongated Cone Head Skull From Nazca Peru 17 08 2011
  91. 8 Obelisks Relocated Years Ago From Egypt To Rome (Vatican)
  92. King Arthur's round table may have been found by archaeologists in Scotland
  93. Sirius and the Dogon: A Conspiracy Myth?
  94. Stargates on planet earth
  95. Lost city found in Dardanelles, Turkey : Older than Troy
  96. Yonaguni: Mysterious Underwater Pyramid in Japan
  97. Pavlopetri. Ancient underwater Town southern Greece...1600 BC at its peak...
  98. Ancient Lives Project. Interesting new website
  99. New Pyramid found in the South Pacific
  100. camcorder found in 2000yr old archaeological dig from Egyptian tomb (Video)
  101. The Great Pyramid, Newark Earthworks and the Code of Carl Munck
  102. Evidence of a high and ancient lost civilisation in Britain...
  103. Fatu Hiva
  104. Nassim Haramein, Klaus Dona: Stargate Artifacts
  105. The Giza Geometrix Website - Check This Out!
  106. Non-Human Ancient Mummy Just Discovered In Cusco, Peru
  107. Strange Ancient skulls of Aliens or Humans (most coneheads)
  108. The Antikythera Mechanism
  109. The Second Coming Has Been Delayed, Due to Technical Difficulties
  110. Were Stones Softened To Build Peru's Ancient Structures?
  111. Learning from History by Edmund Marriage
  112. Evidence For Nuclear/Atomic Warfare in Pre-History.
  113. William Henry's Blue Apples
  114. History of Golden Ages: Real Atlantis Ruins Discovered off coast Of Spain.
  115. Lost Pyramids and Other Hidden Ancient Artifacts
  116. Klaus Dona On Giants and Other Hidden Discoveries
  117. The Sphinx Mystery
  118. Senefru (the first 4th dynasty pyramid builder)
  119. giza and the secrets revealed
  120. World's Pyramids Beaming Energy To Mysterious Space Cloud
  121. Sokkuram Grotto
  122. Koryo Buddhist Paintings
  123. Hy-Brasil, the other Atlantis
  124. 7,500 year old Toy car found - Sumerian
  125. Stonehenge was based on a 'magical' auditory illusion, says scientist
  126. Graham Hancock: The Ancients
  127. The Octagons of the Byzantine Empire
  128. History of Earth / Man from 76,000BC - Chronological and evidence based.
  129. NEW Ancient UFO-DISCLOSURE Artifacts Revealed!!!
  130. Derinkuyu Ancient Underground City in Turkey
  131. Secret of the Sumerian Tablet (Parts I, II & III))
  132. Ancient Builders Created Monumental Structures to Alter Sound and Mind
  133. Machine dated at 400 million years found in Russia!
  134. Mass grave in southern Mexico is 1300 years old
  135. The Secret London Stone The Stone Of Brut
  136. A 400 million year old device discovered in Kamchatka (Russia)
  137. Stone found outside Baghdad
  138. Our Local Power Spots
  139. Were The Pyramids Used As Power Supplies
  140. Pyramids Of Glass Submerged In The Bermuda Triangle
  141. Jesus resurrection site found in Jerusalem before Easter
  142. Origin of the Egyptian Atef Crown - Evidence of Ancient Brain Surgery
  143. An enlightened theory about the higher civilizations in the past
  144. Is Atlantis real? any real, solid proof?
  145. Earth Spin - Was Antartica once part of Australia?
  146. Megalithic Carvings?
  147. Underwater city near Ireland?
  148. Mayan 2012 myth debunked
  149. Megalithomania Glastonbury 2012
  150. Tesla secrets hidden in the pyramids of Egypt
  151. 2000 year old computer found, and reconstructed.
  152. 12,000 Year Old Unexplained Structures
  153. Crusader's Gold found
  154. bbc- Many human 'prototypes' coexisted in Africa
  155. The Geomancy of Avalon: Axis Avebury and the Michael Line
  156. Mermaids
  157. World’s oldest pyramid found in Crimea, (could this be the cause of the Ukrainian conflict)
  158. Lost city of "El Mirador" found: largest pyramid by volume discovered
  159. Return to Antikythera
  160. Elongated skulls from the Paracas culture of Peru
  161. BBC....Prehistoric...Autopsy.......Over three nights !!
  162. Easter Island Moai Walked… Then Debunked?
  163. Discovery of maya calendar is a game changer for doomsayers
  164. Early Writting found that pre- date Sumerian texts by 1500 yrs
  165. Golden treasure unearthed in Bulgaria
  166. Lost Ancient Bearded Race Of The Coast Of Peru
  167. Mummy death mystery solved
  168. 750,000 BP Hand-axe Found
  169. Archeology: Then and Now
  170. In Search of the Ancient Builders in Peru and Bolivia
  171. Machu Picchu in HD- Beautiful!
  172. The Real Builders of the Pyramids
  173. Statue of Liberty: A Secret Room Uncovered
  174. Maya "Underworld" Observatory Revealed
  175. Ancient Roman Giant Found
  176. Dead Sea Scrolls - Google online viewing...
  177. Famed Roman shipwreck reveals more secrets
  178. Over 300 Clay Figures Found at Ancient Site
  179. One of History's Overlooked Mysteries
  180. The Mysterious Anti-Scientific Agenda of Robert Schoch
  181. Atlantis Found: Giant Sphinxes, Pyramids In Bermuda Triangle
  182. Andrew Collins Interview 2011 - Göbekli Tepe & Giza Caves ////Klaus Schmidt on Gobekli tepi
  183. Sacred Sciences, Magnetic Forces, Anti Gravity, Coral Castle.....
  184. French-Peruvian-Spanish Team Discovers a Chamber in Machu Picchu
  185. Unsolved Ancient Mystery - Game Piece or Candle Holder
  186. Temple of Karnak—Both Stone and Seed
  187. John Major Jenkins & J Tyberonn - The Mayan Calendar 2013
  188. Graham Hancock in new video interview with James Tyberonn
  189. First Evidence of Viking-Like 'Sunstone' Found
  190. The Baltic Sea Anomoly
  191. Ancient X Files - Incas Khipus Decoded
  192. Archaeological Cover-ups - A Plot to Control History?
  193. Ancient Items That Shouldn't Exist
  194. Objects Out of Time
  195. Decipher this, Ancient African Stone Symbol Language.
  196. Team reconstructs another possible 'human ancestor'
  197. Study backs 'hobbit' island dwarfism theory
  198. The Grand Canyon Journey to the Center of the Earth
  199. Something strange in Stonehenge image?
  200. Discovery channel video "Mega Builders"
  201. Heracleion Photos: Lost Egyptian City Revealed After 1,200 Years Under Sea
  202. Robot Finds Mysterious Spheres in Ancient Temple
  203. Ancient Europeans Mysteriously Vanished 4,500 Years Ago
  204. Stunning Astronomical Alignment Found at Peru Pyramid
  205. Japanese Researchers Find Possible Lost Continent in Atlantic Ocean
  206. Gobekli Tepe....Lost Civilisation...2013 update documentary
  207. Ruins of Lost City May Lurk Deep in Honduras Rain Forest
  208. 1000-Year-Old Coins Found In Northern Territory May Rewrite Australian History
  209. Ancient Human Innovations Linked to Climate Shifts
  210. Making sense of NC2 and the Giza Secret Underground
  211. Billion-Year-Old Water Preserved in Canadian Mine
  212. Ancient Technologies Revisited
  213. Preserved Ice Age giant found with flowing blood in Siberia
  214. 'World's oldest Torah' scroll found in Italy // India's ancient university returns to life
  215. Mary Rose museum sets sail.............The Mary Rose: A Tudor ship's secrets revealed
  216. Carving The Sphinx
  217. Ancient Egyptians Crafted Jewelry From Meteorites
  218. World's Oldest Pyramids Found in Alaska Shocks Scientific Community
  219. Scott Wolter, the Kensington Runestone, the Knights Templar, and American Indians
  220. Atlantis Underground Base?
  221. Mayan pyramid bulldozed by road construction firm
  222. Chinese Axes Polished Better in 4,500 B.C. Than Today
  223. Secret Anunnaki History Broadcast On Mainstream TV Decades Ago
  224. PUMA PUNKU: A moulded city?
  225. Engineers' Case Protects America’s Birth Certificate
  226. Extensive Maya City Discovered in Campeche - Chactún, “Red Stone” or “Piedra Grande”
  227. Bizarre 500-Million-Year-Old Creature Unearthed
  228. Traces of Wartime Famine Unearthed in Jerusalem
  229. Ancient Egyptians, Grand Canyon
  230. Chilean Mummies Reveal Ancient Nicotine Habit
  231. First Unlooted Royal Tomb of Its Kind Unearthed in Peru
  232. Blue Eyes Originated 10,000 Years Ago in the Black Sea Region
  233. Prehistoric lizard found trapped in amber
  234. The First Emperor of China... Qin Shi Huang.... Wonder of the Ancient world !!
  235. Primeval Underwater Forest Discovered in Gulf of Mexico
  236. Ancient Egyptian Sphinx Statue Discovered In Israel
  237. 'World's oldest calendar' discovered in Scottish field
  238. Does long-lost pyramid discovery rival those of Giza?
  239. King David-Era Palace Found in Israel, Archaeologists Say
  240. 3 Of History's Most Overlooked Mysteries
  241. Michael Cremo - Extreme Human Antiquity
  242. Broken shell provides a glimpse at Neanderthal art
  243. Viking Jewelry Unearthed in Denmark
  244. Ancient Egyptian UFOs in Australia
  245. Ancient advanced technology by Andrey Sklyarov
  246. Spanish Fort Built by Gold Hunters Discovered
  247. Neolithic 'halls of the dead' found in Herefordshire
  248. Ancient Egyptians: NIBIRU is NEBHERU, the planet Venus !
  249. Gobekli Tepe - The Cradle of the Gods
  250. Alaskan Mummies in Aleutian Chain found from 9000-year-old culture