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26th December 2010, 18:48
Video: Quran, "the book of dynamite"
"It is up to the scholars of Islam the responsibility to prevent violence and atrocities at the expense of de-literalism and the Quran, " said Abdulla Raficq, which it calls the holy book of Islam "book of dynamite. "

The videos start in portuguese but soon he talks in english.


According to him, the Quran is only peace and justice. It's something that drives his life since he was born until he dies. Usage and custom private and public, to the tiniest detail of his private life and affairs of state. Of breathing, eating to evacuate, the Koran has the answer to everything. And he, too, since it is the fault of those who study the book. Study it according to him badly.

Althougt in the Expressed Daily, today until this time, the massacre of Catholics in the Philippines and Nigeria, not a line!
I understand, from one side to tell them that they are very nice, the other, one sees the massacre of people who do not share the same religion.
Like cristians did in the middle age... and so other religions... :(

26th December 2010, 19:02

About the role of women .

The ExpressdailY spoke with one of the most famous consultants in this area: Raficq Abdulla, Muslim container MBE by the Queen of England. In the conversation, Raficq also spoke of Islam, fundamentalism and the role of women in Muslim society.