View Full Version : Join a synchronized mass meditation/prayer for the support of sexually abused and arrests of criminals, this Saturday November 18th, 1:11 pm EST.

15th November 2017, 18:38
Hi friends, I saw this in another forum and wanted to join in and thought I would share here for those who may feel likewise...

"Hi, I helped promote a synchronized mass meditation/prayer to pray for arrests of DC pedophiles earlier this year in March, and I feel guided in my heart to start a series of at least 4 weekly synchronized mass meditations/prayers starting this Saturday to pray for justice, healing, empowerment, and support of all those who have been sexually abused in Hollywood, DC, and elsewhere. This first synchronized meditation/prayer will happen this Saturday, November 18th 1:11 pm- 1:33 pm (22 minutes) EST (10:11 am PST). Visualize the criminals being arrested leading to fair and public trials and send light and love to those who have been hurt by sexual abuse and human trafficking. Let's pray for the safety and empowerment of whistleblowers too. The intention should not be for revenge but for saving the children and the healing of humanity.

"If you are unsure about the effect of mass meditations (also known as Maharishi effect):

"Please spread this message!
Below is a great meditation to do at that time, created by Meditate Change: