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7th December 2017, 01:57
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Search 4 Truth Reality

Remote Viewing Psychic Spy John Vivanco

Published 6th December 2017

John Vivanco shares his experiences working as a psychic spy. While at Trans-Dimensional Systems, he performed counter-terrorism remote viewing for the FBI, met a gray alien, received death threats, and experienced high strangeness. *BIO* Author, Speaker, Investigator and Instructor of the Remote Viewing method Trans-Dimensional Systems (TDS), John Vivanco has been Remote Viewing and teaching students for over 20 years. He was part of the first Civilian Remote Viewing organizations after the government declassified the program. His company, TDS, was hired to investigate the unknown, including work with the FBI after 9/11 on counter terror issues, and with corporations on business issues. His searches for lost treasures lead him to a collaboration with the National Geographic Channel and he continues to this day developing ideas around TV, teaching, investigating, and running a team of Remote Viewers on many exciting projects. John's current focus lies in the realm of investigating claims and incidences of High Strangeness with Remote Viewing, then heading on expeditions to "follow the data", wherever it leads. John is also the author of, The Time Before the Secret Worlds - On the Pah of Remote Viewing, High Strangeness, and Zen, and the resident Remote Viewer of Art Bell's Midnight in the Desert radio show, currently hosted by Heather Wade.


In part 1, I said John would task William Tompkins photograph of what appears to be several ships over Carlsbad Lagoon; and, we would review the remote viewing data in front of the cameras. We've tentatively scheduled to shoot this part on Wednesday, November 1, 2017. I've had a brief conversation with John about this; and, we've decided it's best to reveal all the data on-camera, rather than discuss it over the phone. In any case, he seems pretty impressed with what the data is revealing. In this video, John shares data from various remote viewing projects and he describes the physical evidence he uncovered: • A basalt dimensional doorway, near Mt. Shasta • The story of a town JC Brown claims to have found in a cave. • Frequent UFO sightings near the decommissioned Rancho Seco Nuclear Generating Station, Galt, CA We also talk about George Adamski's beautiful extraterrestrials and the multiple sightings of UFO’s at Palomar Mountain. Are they a natural phenomenon or something else? A 'little bird' sent me a few questions to ask: • How do Russian and American Remote Viewing compare? Is one ahead of the other? • What was the real work of Andreja Pujarich? • Besides SRV, what other groups and techniques existed when Remote Viewing was first declassified? John also describes the Zen of RV. He tells us why he and Prudence Calabrese left the profession of Remote Viewing. Finally, we have John’s encounters with “The Gray Guy” – and the meaning behind his message about THE BIG EVENT.


~ ~ ~ TABLE OF CONTENTS ~ ~ ~ MT. SHASTA / INTRODUCTION 02:21 - What did you see inside Mt. Shasta during your Remote Viewing Sessions? 03:49 - Nefarious being inhabiting tunnel systems of Mt. Shasta 05:12 - Disappearance from Mt. Shasta (Carl Landers ) 07:10 - Abducted from Mt. Shasta and returned (Boy & his Grandmother)
08:47 - Disappearance from Sims Flat (David Knowels)
09:07 - Disappearance from Castle Lake (unknown) MT. SHASTA / NEFARIOUS CREATURES
09:35 - Who built the circular rock formations around a collapsed cave entrance?
10:04 - Remote Viewing of the cave-dwelling creature
12:24 - John's commentary on Bizarre nature of these missing person sessions MT. SHASTA / MISSING PERSONS
13:07 - RV session data on the bizarre David Knowels mysterious disappearance from Sims Flat
14:02 - John's comparison of "normal" missing person cases
14:56 - High Strangeness at Plutos Cave (Mt. Shasta) ECETI / THAT PLACE IS FULL OF ALIENS!
16:02 - URL: Massive Ship on Mount Adams https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yDBcd...
17:45 - Remote Viewing lights-in-the-sky at ECETI 20:24 - Feline Beings and Risen Masters VIEWER QUESTIONS
21:45 - Can you tell us more about the man and his dog who had an altercation with ET?
23:22 - Do you always Remote View whether an objective is real?
24:17 - Discussion of Hoaxes - digital art
24:45 - Remote Viewing the Mars Rover flash of light
26:43 - What's the purpose of RV? What's it got to do with anything? Isn't it a huge waste of time?
29:53 - Why not cash in on the Randy James Million-dollar prize? 31:19 - If I put an object behind a tree, could you remote view it?
31:37 - What do say to people looking for proof RV is real? REMOTE VIEWING / TERMINOLOGY
32:14 - TASKER
32:48 - ANALYST
33:15 - Zen of the REMOTE VIEWER 35:23 - The TASKER & Tasking
36:48 - The SESSIONS 36:55 - The REPORTS 38:24 - Tasking through the eyes of another being? WILLIAM TOMPKINS' PHOTOGRAPH / Gas-Spraying Reptilian Ships:
42:33 - FIRST REMOTE VIEWING TASKING / What is this thing in the picture? John's first thoughts 45:54 - John reports on the first tasking.
47:50 - Our phone call after the first tasking SECOND REMOTE VIEWING TASKING / What's in the ship(s)? Why is it there? What is it doing?
49:30 - John's thoughts after the second tasking 51:58 - Did you remote view this objective, as well? ANALYST'S REPORT OF TASKINGS
55:45 - What did the session data reveal? 1:08:42 - The session-data's link with reality https://www.aguahedionda.org/single-p...
1:00:34 - Remote Viewing Skinny Bob, a comparison https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lpXx5... WALTER'S REPORT
1:14:17 - William Tompkins' source of the photograph 1:16:29 - Summary of William Tompkins' description of the photograph's contents SURPRISE GUEST
1:23:48 - DeÉte Carver channels William Tompkins http://www.reincarnatedmormon.com
1:35:01 - John's commentary on DeEte's channeling of William Tompkins


24th June 2018, 21:15

John publicly discloses his ET contact experiences for the first time. John and I would meet at his place and talk for hours. I suggested we should record our conversation and post it. He agreed; and, here we are. To put what you're about to see into context, I've spared you the first boring hour of our discussion - which explains John's opening line, "Are we being interesting?"

Recorded: January 26, 2018
Duration: 44 minutes

0:35 - How John transitioned from Corporate Remote Viewing to chasing mysteries, UFOs, & Aliens
03:10 - John's Alien Encounters & Abductions
07:44 - John's last Abduction, a large meeting, and ride into space
11:37 - John's sense of reincarnation and planet-hopping
12:35 - John asks an alien - "Can I work in space?"
14:21 - John's physical descriptions of aliens and hybrids
15:22 - Discussion of "Aquafarians" image at Cosmic Disclosure, Season 9, Episode 9 "Hybrid Creatures and Secret Bases (https://www.spherebeingalliance.com/blog/transcript-cosmic-disclosure-hybrid-creatures-and-secret-bases.html)"
17:08 - The purpose of the large meeting and ride in space
19:55 - Who is Emery Smith?
21:45 - John shares an experience with Trans-Dimensional Systems, when they traveled to Puerto Rico with "Beyond Boundaries" TV show to solve mysteries of Chupacabras and spinning lights seen landing in a forest.
24:42 - Did something escape from a Puerto Rico genetic testing facility?
27:54 - The "Signal-Beings" revealed
29:27 - John describes the "Signal-beings" visitation
35:33 - John asks about my contact experience
39:19 - John promotes his Remote Viewing class at ECETI Ranch (It's already taken place. To learn about future Remote Viewing classes, please visit: http://righthemispheric.com)

John's book on Kindle and Paperback (https://www.amazon.com/Time-Before-Secret-Words-Strangeness/dp/0997825804/ref=sr_1_1_twi_pap_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1529177972&sr=8-1&keywords=john+vivanco)

John’s website (http://righthemispheric.com)

One week early access to MP3 and videos available at Walter’s Patreon (https://www.patreon.com/Search4TruthReality)

Foxie Loxie
25th June 2018, 16:58
Thanks, Walter! Always good to hear of others' experiences. :ufo:

26th June 2018, 12:32
This is a specialty of The Aetherius Society. Check the way spiritual energy can transform the earth.

27th June 2018, 02:05
This is a specialty of The Aetherius Society. Check the way spiritual energy can transform the earth.

Thank you for posting this. Until now, I had never heard of The Aetherius Society. Wiki says: "The Aetherius Society is a new religious movement founded by George King in the mid-1950s as the result of what King claimed were contacts with extraterrestrial intelligences, whom he referred to as "Cosmic Masters""

After reading that bit, it explains much of what I've seen and heard here and there over the past ten years, or so.