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13th December 2017, 16:10
Hereís something that I can positively recall being extremely interested in now for over 27 years: Chinese astrology. It was a stealth interest, for want of a better terminology, and many years down the line has become something almost un-missable in my existence. I find myself observing people and trying to guess what sign they may be! Sometimes I'm spot on, often times out by a little bit.

Itís the personality aspects that interest me the most about this, and, from having watched the cycles for all this time now can positively say that it always plays out. Some are inclined to dismiss it, but, to do so is I think to miss something really very interesting going on.

Also as importantly to remember apart from the very real value it can offer in getting a handle on certain persons, and situations, is that it can be hugely fun.

Iíve never inclined toward putting all my hopes and aspirations in one basket but this Ďscienceí does work very well in tandem with other tools, esoteric and material combined, to inspire a wider understanding of how things seem to operate; how certain types of people gravitate towards each other, and how others may have areas of conflict.

This does lift the veil and one never sees the world or the people in it in quite the same way. From experience also I can assert confidently that this has been an extraordinarily useful tool in previous workplaces over the years and has provided some steer in conflict resolution.

Of course the story used to describe the origins of this practice is unreal and like many others that we seem to take for granted is really an anthropomorphising of energies. But it is pretty savvy. And older than most mainstream religions being practised today.

Itís fabulously enjoyable at times finding out more about what makes the people around you probably tick using some of the knowledge that this offers. And important to always bear in mind that nobody is a pure sign; there are always other factors affecting the outward personality.

Maybe you can have a little fun with this? You may find out things about yourself that are very revealing. Iím still learning more even all these years later.

Here are two good sites:

Master Tsai Chinese Astrology: https://www.mastertsai.com/Default.htm this drills down into the elements, pillars and stems aspects that arenít always particularly obvious from just a passing interest in the astrology. Itís informative and provides good tools and information; one of my favourites out there. It is twinned with this site here: http://fortuneangel.com/astro/YearlyAstrology.htm Do have fun if you are interested of course with some of the tools here.

Shelly Wu - one of the very best on the block: http://chineseastrology.com/index.html

Go on, do have a little play if you like, and if you do want to Ė you are under no duress to do so of course Ė feel free to share here what your sign and other aspects may be.

To get a really very much more accurate profile you do need to know to the nearest quarter of an hour when you were born.

For me it would be fascinating to see what the membership of the forum may look like Ė which Ďanimalí signs tend to gravitate here; whether there is a predominance of a type or a group! Just an idea that can probably wait for another day.

With love
(Black Dog born in Year of Brown Chicken)

14th December 2017, 08:36

Here's an example, which is my profile, of the type of result that will be shown using the 5 element personality tool on the fortuneangel site.