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31st December 2017, 14:43
Here is a blog I did earlier this year. Enjoy. Chillax


Over the last few weeks my perception on my reality has really started to change. I have delved deep within and dealt with many emotional issues which I had generally ignored or havenít been consciousness enough to deal with before. Breaking down negative beliefs, transcending dense emotions and shedding a SSP layer has been an interesting ride. I feel lighter and less dense and more open. I still have stuff to deal with and when it arises I will feel and let go of it. This concept is very difficult for most. Why? Feeling strong dense emotions is painful which most of us run away from. Nobody wants to feel any emotional pain, sadness, grief, heartache etc etc, but its so important to do, so you can move on and become a happier individual.

Time and time again, it has become apparent that our emotions, which we choose to bury or ignore are the ones that make up physically and mentally sick. Our bodies our screaming out for us to pay attention to ourselves and deal with our emotional baggage, but generally we ignore it, or we may pop to our local GP and take some chemical **** to bury the problem even more or if we are a bit more enlightened we adjust our diet or take natural remedies however either way doesnít get to the root of the issue..

It takes a lot of time and effort to ignore our emotions. Many people who are holding onto dense emotions tend to overthink, cant sleep, drink, drugs, anxiety, depression and many other behaviors the human race is suffering with just so we donít feel natural emotions. The whole New Age thinking positively and love one another is great but that doesnít help release any emotional baggage one may have. We cant just ignore difficult emotions and pretend everything is wonderful. Waking up and becoming consciousness is ****! Its a harder world to live in. Not only do you see the insanity of this reality all around you , you have to try and function in it without going insane yourself. Love and Light attitude is a wonderful concept but not really based in reality. As it is normal to feel negative emotions and denying them only causes more problems.

However we can learn from our reality, as your reality is a true reflection of you. The emotional baggage we are trying to ignore and bury is in fact blatantly staring us in the face too. Generally our problems are reflected back at us through our partners, family members, parents and friends. Think about them. What really pisses you off about them? What is it about their behavior which makes you uncomfortable and now ask yourself the question. Is that a reflection of me? We donít need to do certain techniques as our reality is showing us everyday what we need to deal with. Also any beauty you see in someone, can only be seen if that beauty lives in you. Your reality shows you all your ugliness and all your beauty.

How we live our life doesnít make us free or a better human being either. You can be a vegan, teetotaler, chemical free being living in nature, growing kombucca at the weekends, but if you still holding on to emotional pain then how free are you? We live in a prison society because we are prisoners in our own bodies. Free yourself from emotional pain and live true to who you are and your reality will change.

Once you have transcended the dense emotions and be true to yourselves then you will have a reality that is free and beautiful, we need everyone to do this. Forget what the Elite/Aliens are doing, as they donít care if we focus on them. However if we start to focus on ourselves and transcend our **** and become the beautiful beings that we truly are then its definitely Game Over!

Totto and I can help with this process as there are factors which make this journey far more difficult then it should be like implants, black magic, attachments etc etc. As many awakened individual have been traumatized since birth from entities, helping these individuals overcome fears and helping them see their true beauty so they can become empowered in their reality and live a life that is true to them is something we are both dedicated to.

Totto told me that prior to the invasion of the dark beings, humans had exceptional power and beauty far beyond many we see as evolved races.

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31st December 2017, 21:02

much of what you have stated is what David Icke has been trying to convince people of for over 25 yrs.- not that what you've stated is is any way invalid; just the opposite!

I agree totally with your posting-

"prior to the invasion of the dark beings, humans had exceptional power and beauty far beyond many we see as evolved races"- well yes, prior to the cataclysim that affected not only the earth but our entire solar sytem; if you haven't yet done so please do read Dr. Joseph P. Farrell's "The Cosmic War"; it will give you a very enriched perspective- I guarantee you that- :-)

and recently ther've been a lot of postings stating that we at death shouldn't follow the light at the end of the tunnel; that it's an archon trap to keep our souls in the earth planet's grid so the archons can continually feed off of our life forces-

honestly, I don't know what to believe anymore- but I think Farrell is onto something HUGE-

please be well Chillax and all readers-

happy new year!


31st December 2017, 21:19
an addendum to my last posting:

we musn't forget the 'great ladies' out there trying to reveal the truth:

Catherine Austine Fitts, Laurence De Mello (I know the 1st name sounds masculin but she's a woman), Elana Freeman, Liz Crockin and many others-

Larry :-)

1st January 2018, 03:03
Feeling strong dense emotions is painful which most of us run away from. Nobody wants to feel any emotional pain, sadness, grief, heartache etc etc, but its so important to do, so you can move on and become a happier individual.

Mr.Jung agrees fully;

Merry Mom
20th February 2018, 20:08
@Chillax this is so well stated. I have been on a somewhat parallel track spiritually. I used to focus a lot on this remedy or avoiding that poisonous thing. But as you have hinted here, we have so much power untapped within us, that all of those things wouldn't matter if we got ourselves in order spiritually.

25th May 2018, 03:15
ďToday a young man on acid realized that all matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration, that we are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively, there is no such thing as death, life is only a dream, and we are the imagination of ourselves. Heres Tom with the Weather.Ē

― Bill Hicks

We choose to live in this hell hole(earth) to experience limitations and pains. Therefore we shouldn't ignore the pains inflicting onto us, it is a gift from life. Live in the moment, experience it, embrace it and love it. After that, it will simply just go away because your soul is satisfy. Some people break addictions by living in the moment. Example, while eating junk foods, focusing on enjoying the taste instead of thinking about something else. You will stop eating junk foods earlier and more satisfied.

"The purpose of life, Live In The Moment!!"

25th May 2018, 17:37
Thank you for this. :heart: