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3rd January 2018, 16:57

Abstracted from my blog called: A.I. spiders and Deep Underground Base In Australia


I wanted to gather more information for this blog about the where about of this base that Arianne was connected to. What was actually being done at the base and who or what was in charge.

The first building I entered into was above ground. It resembled a hanger to store and repair crafts. I could see where crafts would sit to be repaired. There wasnt any craft in this building and no one was around that I could visually see. I then travelled to the next room along. I entered to what looked like a American style Prison. There were prison cells either side in a very long room that strenched for forever, just like what I have seen in American movies. In the centre of the room was stairs leading down to the next level. As I looked downwards there were just level after level of cells to the point it actually made me feel vertigo. Unsure if each cell was occupied or not but they must of had hundreds if not thousands of cells altogether. I looked into the first cell on the first floor and saw a creature which looked slightly like a squid but very large, slightly larger then a human. Looking at this creature he didnt understand where he was or why. He was lost and had sadness in his eyes. This wasnt just a human prison this was a prison for the galactic beings from around the universe.


I then found myself in what looked like a laboratory room with what looked like humans in white coats conducting painful experiments on all different types of beings. It was actually very upsetting to see as the fear and pain inflicted on these beings was horrific and very emotional to watch. The scientists conducting these experiments had no human qualities like compassion or empathy, so unsure if they were human or not.

But why were they doing this?

I then saw them creating weapons to use on the human race and weapons to use on our galactic friends. It also appeared that these weapons were being stored and used to attack other planets from Earth and they were also transporting weapons outside of Earth to be used on us, to attack us. This operation appeared to be an American/ET operation on Australian soil.

Valerie Villars
4th January 2018, 18:33
Chillax, how awful to see that kind of pain. That makes my heart hurt. I am finally understand why so many don't like Americans.

28th February 2019, 20:44
They don't have heart and emotions and the heart is said to be the ruler over the whole of your energy. So they stop you from loving or teach you to be in the head and void of emotions and love. That is why they don't love or show compassion. They don't have Love and that is what we humans are blessed with. We are love and they show fear and inflict pain as it sooths them from being showing love.
It's horrible any entity that is experimented on is sick to see that and I would send love to all of them unconditionally.

3rd November 2019, 02:32
Is the base located in Ziel mountain, Australia?

26th November 2019, 22:50
Very interesting posts. Everything American is evil and bad? Don't look for compassion from China, Russia, most of the Muslim nations, North Korea, or even some European nations (on the sly, and deep, deep, dark, dark BLACK sites...). Nope, America ain't perfect, but there are those out there with pedigrees in starkest brutality that stretch back thousands of years, that have changed actors and names of nations over the span of time, that make the mythical Darth Vader look like a cub scout...