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29th December 2010, 21:23
Doesn’t it seem like almost everything is becoming a crime in America now? Americans are being arrested and charged with crimes for doing things like leaving dog poop on the ground, opening up Christmas presents early, not recycling properly, farting in class and having brown lawns. But is it healthy for our society for the police to be involved in such silly things? Every single day the United States inches closer to becoming a totalitarian society.

While there are some that would welcome this shift, the truth is that throughout history the societies that have experienced the greatest economic prosperity have all had at least a certain level of freedom. Business thrives when people feel free to live and work. When a government tightens the grip too much many people just start shutting down. Just look at places like North Korea. Even though the rest of the world is sending them huge amounts of food starvation is still quite common in that totalitarian regime.

That is why it is so disturbing that it seems like almost everything has become a crime in America now. As we continue to criminalize relatively normal behavior our slide toward becoming a totalitarian state will only accelerate.

We are throwing anyone and everyone in prison these days. It is getting absolutely ridiculous. Today, the United States leads the world in the number of prisoners and in the percentage of the population in prison. The United States has 5% of the world’s population, but approximately 25% of the world’s incarcerated population.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics, as of the end of 2009 a total of 7,225,800 people were either on probation, in prison or on parole in America.

That is a sign of a very, very sick society. Either we have a massive crime problem or the “control grid” that our leaders have erected for us is wildly out of control.

Or both.

But how in the world are we supposed to have a healthy economy if our entire nation is being turned into one gigantic prison?

Sadly, it is not just hardcore criminals that are being rounded up and abused by authorities these days. The following are 14 of the most ridiculous things that Americans are being arrested for….

#1 A Michigan man has been charged with a felony and could face up to 5 years in prison for reading his wife’s email.

#2 A 49-year-old Queens woman had bruises all over her body after she was handcuffed, arrested and brutally beaten by NYPD officers. So what was her offense? The officers thought that her little dog had left some poop that she didn’t clean up.

#3 A 56-year-old woman who was once a rape victim refused to let airport security officials feel her breasts so she was thrown to the floor, put in handcuffs and arrested.

#4 In Milwaukee, one man was recently fined $500 for swearing on a public bus.

#5 Several years ago a 12-year-old boy in South Carolina was actually arrested by police for opening up a Christmas present early against his family’s wishes.

#6 In some areas of the country, it is now a crime to not recycle properly. For example, the city of Cleveland has announced plans to sort through trash cans to ensure that people are actually recycling according to city guidelines.

#7 A 12-year-old girl from Queens was arrested earlier this year and taken out of her school in handcuffs for writing “Lex was here. 2/1/10″ and “I love my friends Abby and Faith” on her desk.


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29th December 2010, 21:55
Well you have to look at some of the people who became the law enforcers some are very scary indeed. The guys that where picked on in school now carry a weapon seen quite a few growing up. So someones gonna pay no matter how ludicrous.

The Axman

29th December 2010, 22:37
i like this post...al i can say is learn the bill of rights and study it,and also the constituion....i recently a couple of months exercise my forth ammendment,,i stood my ground with the local sheriffs and did not give my name or where i lived and i didnt show i.d.,and o won they can not siez and info without a warrant,or they say they got probleall cause which is just another way of controlling our rights........i will always stand my ground when it comes to law enforcement....take off the uniform and there is just another man behind the uniform........i will always stand up for my rights and never forget them,nor will i be harrassed by lawenforcement....love,light and abundance ....thirdeye....

30th December 2010, 18:07
I saw a story yesterday where a young girl was tossed out of school (and I think arrested) for having a paring knife in her lunch box. Funny thing was, it was someone elses lunch box. They had been mixed up. Sorry, she was in possession of it. So dumb

noxon medem
30th December 2010, 21:27
Everyone apply their own basic logic and moral when viewing the world.
And it is a self-affirming and re-enforcing human mechanism.
So no wonder almost everything is seen as a crime in america now,
- when allmost everone in your government is a criminal ...


( not necesseraly true, but an interesting thought ..)


And the question to the common american will be:
How could you let this happen, to your country,
- and to the world ?


30th December 2010, 21:53
That looks true to me :hail:

The Axman