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16th March 2018, 23:52
Did a search here on Wim, not finding anything and like to share experiences with anyone here doing this breathing technique, here is Wim teaching one technique


Ernie Nemeth
17th March 2018, 00:23
I do deep breathing and body meditation. The above is a bit close to the Breath of Fire from Kundalini Yoga but without postures. Deep breathing alone can bring on the rising of the Kundalini energy. Holding of the breath activates body blocks in the chakras. Useful but needs proper regulation. If you block you must unblock before finishing your routine.

17th March 2018, 01:08
I like this simplified version of breath and empowerment from Wim as it is direct and involves you becoming involved, believing in your own innate ability to energize your body and control, direct your mind.

By the way, this next bit is for the few of you who inadvertently wasted money on a "special" type of training. If you do not know who this is about then there is something here for you also........

Breath of Fire is not from Kundalini Yoga, remembering that someone used that word to describe not any real yoga, but an invented one, one almost always guaranteed "not to raise your kundalini". BoF is from Yoga itself, not a bastardized, ad hoc version from an evil soul, or as those of us who are Gurusikhs, who knew "the most corrupt man on the planet"-yogi bhajan's own words to a friend of mine, experienced. I hope you would know the difference, yet I would not apologize for the lies of others.

BoF is also a natural exercise that those of us who explore breath have used along with many other breath exercises. My life-long advice is to mix and match whatever technique you explore on your own. By the way, if you were conned into believing that learning yb's k.yoga teacher's training is worth anything more than a waste of your money and discernment i would ask you to look deeper and embrace your own intuition, your own creativity and do at least a little internet search on the matter of a teacher's lack of integrity, crimes against women, lawsuits against, etc.,etc., etc.,etc....

I recently met a police officer new to a nearby city who quickly recognized that I was a sikh. He said that one of the 3 letter agencies briefed the police department he was previously in about the sikhs and said not to worry, that they weren't terrorists, they are criminal thieves, at least those close to the fakir/yogi and some of the businesses he was involved in. (I can say that most outside of the close loop, except for their criminal telemarketers, are honest folks.) This officer's details to me of some of the crimes that fake yogi and his underlings committed was a surprise even to me, aside from as much as I had endured and heard from others. We became fast friends, not because of the truths we both knew but because he had no filter to block telling the truth.

This matters to me as a teacher because some of the so-called yoga sets that man taught had nothing to do with the effects promised. My younger brother, a former sikh, and I used to trade all of the silly, b.s., promises we could find if you did this technique, or that set, or this breath, or that meditation, all worthless script from many others and that 'donkey' (yb.'s words to me once about himself), no insult to donkeys intended. So..........leave the expectations behind and discover the power you inherently have been born with.

The yoga set is your yoga set.
The breath is your breath.
The exploration is the magic you invent.

Breath is the beginning opening, the Door/the Dwaaraa, and beyond. If you want to control your mind start with your Breath and listen/soonee-eh to the universe within.
Praan, UhPaan, Sushmuhnaa...... Pruh-saad.
Energy, Elimination, The Central Channel.....Grace.

From one of the few who was there to be with friends, but who couldn't stand the corruption, leaving with the Guide in my own Home, in my own heart, responsible for my own life, connected and not isolated in the lies or the empty rituals of human subservience.
From one of the few who stood up and was counted,

18th March 2018, 05:30
Wim Hof has done two podcasts with Joe Rogan which was how I came upon this material, this is one , sorry about adds at beginning >


18th March 2018, 21:24
Am on the other computer now and able to put this vid here instead of the above, first interview that Wim and breathing technique became known to me >


And a previous vid he had done with Wim >


19th March 2018, 12:54
I have been doing wim hof 100 breaths, breathing routine for about 6 months now. Also started a wim hof breathing routine with pushups. Started off doing 20 push-ups while holding breath & made my way to 50 push-ups on one breath in less than a month. My wife also started the 100 breath routine just recently as an intro to meditation. Can say that we have both benefited immensely from Mr. Hof’s techniques. Highly recommended to those that are interested in improving their health & expanding awareness.

19th March 2018, 13:17
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