View Full Version : What's the harm?

31st December 2010, 20:20
a loved one once asked, 'what's the problem if global warming isn't real? what's the harm?'

at the time, my response was that our economy would be destroyed.

now, after watching this documentary, I have another answer: we are being poisoned, daily.

little did I know today, that I would be so alarmed at something I used to think was a
harmless conspiracy theory: chemtrails.

this, I now believe, is one of the most important issues of our times.

there appears to be a global black project (orchestrated by the U. N.) to seed our
airways with heavy metals, barium and other life destructive particulates in the name
of controlling global warming.

after watching this 7 part event documentary, you will understand what chemtrails are,
why human ailments are surging (like alzheimers, autism, respiratory problems...),
all the way to evidence of dying forests, poisoned ground water and soil infertility.

why? to cool the planet.

this documentary is long, but worth every second.