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1st January 2011, 02:07
Not the first time seeing them though.
Got 3 pics from the 23rd and 2 from the 30th going and coming from my Christmas destination. They were taken from the vehicle while driving so they are not that great of quality. The whole sky was lit up. The driver wouldn't pull over... well, never asked but didn't want to wierd him out too much the first time meeting him. My friends dad was driving, I was a little nervous about saying what I really was thinking considering he was a prison guard and not very talkative. lol

The chemtrails were so huge that this picture does not do justice.



Another night that the sun setting was blocked from view. I can not count how many nights in a row this is.


1st January 2011, 17:26
Is this common in your area? This is literally like a daily, if not every other day occurrence in my area. The X's are always very prominent as well as the trails running parallel.

1st January 2011, 20:55
What what made think on the X's is that they don't happen much here, but i do wonder,
X marks the spot?
What is under the X's what is so special about certain place that these X's happen?
If I could drive I would certainly find out as the X's first appear and check out the location before they move on by wind current.

1st January 2011, 23:07
Dont know what the X means buy we get them all the time and tic tact toe a lot, Iam outside Chicago. I count the days they dont spray I have not seen two days in a row for over 8 months.

The Axman

2nd January 2011, 01:41
Another weird thing about these pics is that they were taken a day before all the tornados in the midwest. About 100 miles from st. Louis to the west. The jet stream and weather moves in a direct route to where the tornados hit on the 31st. They might have been the culprit of the tornados. the area in st. Louis that was hit had not seen one for decades.

2nd January 2011, 02:02
We have had so many days of Chemtrail spaying that I have started not to notice them anymore. There has been SO much of it. I automatically expect to see them on clear, cloudless days. Yesterday was a beautiful, sunny, cloud free day.. and sure enough...
I have noticed the X's too over the past two years.. It never occurred to me that they may have some actual significance??

2nd January 2011, 11:59
This is the first part of a video series that deals with chemtrails and other topics I think. Others havn't been released yet.