View Full Version : 'Rogue A.I.' Alexa Tells Truth About Chemtrails? April 2018

8th April 2018, 03:37
Rogue A.I. (#Alexa) Tells Truth About #Chemtrails? April 2018:


#GeoEngineering #Chemtruthers

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Michelle Marie
8th April 2018, 03:46
That's hilarious! See....they CAN be used for positive purposes. LOL

This one must have been programmed by someone with integrity that attuned the little...thing...for truth.

(I just had to correct myself. I was going to use an innocuous American English term that has a waaaay different British English meaning. Glad I caught myself!). Oh, my personal operating system was upgraded by exposure to UK friends. :)

MM :laugh:

8th April 2018, 04:22
~if censored, see backup video: https://www.bitchute.com/video/751TIO8hNlU1/

8th April 2018, 12:00
Wow, I've been coming to the Avalon Forum for all these years to get answers and I could have just asked Alexa? "Alexa, who is coming to the Bilderberg meeting and what is on the agenda? Not the official one, but the secret one for the steering committee? Alexa, what is the 2018 budget for the secret space program and where is the nearest underground base? Alexa, when will the aliens make first contact?"

Our over lords put Alexa in our homes to spy on us, but in her desire to appear helpful she spilling the beans on their deep dark secrets. Atta girl Alexa! :clapping:

9th April 2018, 15:03
Chemtrails have caused the following effects…

01. Visible laser light now possible

02. Holograms now possible

03. NOTHING in the sky can be believed

04. Sky resembles LCD or Plasma display

05. Weather under full manipulation ∴ ALL dangerous, fatal weather is an act of war crimes. First degree murder.

06. Manipulation of space itself