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14th April 2018, 04:45
Hey all,

This is really important...

Video 1:
Andrew Bartzis - Special Release - Facebook, Cambridge Analytica, AI Election Influences Since 1980s

I have been working on some important releases over the last couple of weeks. Certain things have been bubbling up into the surface of public awareness. Some very important components not really connected at all. Whether you take this as possible or something much less....really see if you can fill some awareness gaps you may have.

Above is the first short clip to a much bigger ensemble of releases on AI influence in Society. Not all is bad....but some deployments are quite staggering. Andrew Bartzis can see it all...he just has to tune in and if the audience is at a threshold of readiness to accept it.

We have done 2 short vids to be released over this weekend. The first is on Facebook and Cambridge Analytica's relationship with Artificial Intelligence. With context that some AI Election interference has been occurring since Ronald Reagan's era. They made 'Billions' from the efforts also....from the election involvements.....

The Second it on Amazon's roll out of AI in the last 20yrs. Detailed layers of its roll out and purpose for each. Its purpose to Social Engineer on a massive layer. There have been about 5 stages. Trump going after it is to fire up the Vulture Capitalist looking to profit from the broken up components.

There will be at least 5 20-30minute in depth releases the above were sourced from. Likely more from about 5hrs of recordings. We also Getting into Hacking, AI going back the the Enigma Machine, Mechanical AIs being used up until the CRAY super computers in the 1970s could compute at the level the were able to. When those Mechanical AIs were retired they went rogue and caused issues here and off world. Including related to the $2T Donald Rumsfeld disclosure the day before Sept 11 2001 he had to deal with. Good and Bad out there as it is not all bad....it is actually very good.

The Tech giants will definitely get some 'love'. Whats going on in their board rooms, association with domination and control, seed money relationship, their support in directing society down a path planned with mass technology roll out etc. It is fascinating...and being worked on at present.

So i will offer updates on releases in this thread. We hope you get into them and see some major dots connected in your research journey.

Enjoy and good luck all

Foxie Loxie
14th April 2018, 16:13
Hmmmmm.....Off world as well?! ;)

18th April 2018, 03:19
Amazon AI, Masterful Social Engineering, Trump Antitrust Pursuit

Hi All,

Here is the second Special Release in this AI series...All about Amazon's many stages of Artificial Intelligence over the last 20yrs approx:

Andrew Bartzis - Special Release - Amazon AI, Masterful Social Engineering, Trump Antitrust Pursuit

Hello Conscious Explorer,

Welcome to the second Special Release related to a much broader, deeper future release and exploration into Artificial Intelligence’s influence in society. This follows the previous release on Facebook and Cambridge Analytica’s Election manipulations (Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Evnmdh3O0_g&t=1s ).

In this Special Release we focus solely on the mega corporation Amazon. It is called a Technology Giant but its reach goes well beyond the limits of that definition. What we want to do is offer you an opportunity to appreciate at the detailed, unseen layers you know only Andrew can reveal. Because, it’s really needed now. So is your appreciation of what is occurring around us. Which can be used as a key to many other things and also your own organic perception ignition by your willingness to accept broader datasets society are less willing to accept. See all of Andrew’s offerings as key to you on that.

Amazon at this present time is on a expediential, parabolic, unending path of growth and profit. With not much seemingly standing in its way other that Donald Trump calling for Monopoly Anti-Trust investigations now. After what seemed like modest early beginnings and one of the few corporations of that era enduring the Dot.com bubble to be here now. Jeff Bezos the founder and creator of this organisation is also comfortably the richest person in the world. According to the publically accepted measures of such statuses. How did this all occur?

A massive component to this success relates to removing the ability for the entire Retail Industry to compete. Due to is scale of market and resources on hand. This elimination of the Retail Industry is causing massive job losses and closures of household names. Resulting in massive middle class elimination over periods of time depending where it establishes itself. It is Social Engineering on a grand scale.

This is where Andrew’s talent comes into foe. It occurred with a vital core component orientating around Artificial Intelligence. And, not just one iteration but many. Various focused implementations of it over the last 15-20 years which were foundational building blocks to what we see today. It wasn’t the only component to the success it has today. There were many components to this. But, it has had a massive part to the success now being experienced.
Very few will be able to reveal the layers offered from an outside observer as Andrew does here. We hope you take the time to have a good listen and appreciate what is going on here. Realise few really are able to find Andrew at present so your value of investing in his teachings really empower the unseen morphogenic awareness field for the rest of humanity. Don’t underestimate your contribution to this even if you feel you are adding nothing. You are. Just by being a consciously aware human being on Earth now. It is a massive achievement in itself. Never diminish this in yourself.

Enjoy, and keep an eye out for the future releases this component comes from. A series of 20-30 minute releases with a ‘AI Influence in Our World’ theme basis. Andrew is amazing once again.


(Yes Foxie Loxie, off world. Think about that $2T Donald Rumsfield eluded to Sept 10th 2001...some clarity related to that...love your name too haha.. Enjoy and thanks for your efforts)

29th April 2018, 04:25
Treason, Facebook Cambridge Analytica Billions

Hi all,

Here is Part1 in this series

Andrew Bartzis - AI Influence in Our World Pt1 - Treason, Facebook Cambridge Analytica Billions

It will be 8 parts over the next 4 weeks.

Full access to videos here:
https://www.youtube.com/user/galactichistorian/videos?disable_polymer=1https://www.youtube.com/user/galactichistorian/videos?disable_polymer=1 (https://www.youtube.com/user/galactichistorian/videos?disable_polymer=1)

Beginning this week over the next several to come, we are going to do something a bit different. We are going to offer you the ‘AI Influence in Our World’ series. So far, there are 8 which will likely be what it will end as. We are going to do it in a bit of a different way. They will be approximately 30 minutes each. We will be offering 2 a week, one on the regular Saturday time and second on the Tuesday US time on Facebook. Doing episodes combined might be way too intense. Drip feeding over many weeks also is not ideal as there is much related to healing topics continuing the ‘Healing is a Process’ theme for example to come. So, this unique short term format is hope for a balance to this and fit into your world.

Artificial Intelligence has been a theme that has been out there in people’s awareness for a while. But, how? To what Scale? Is it Good or Something to Fear? There are many unknowns for sure.

It seemed to be the right time now for the type of exploration with some serious clarity. If you are familiar with Andrew’s depth on all things, right for him to introduce information not ever shared before hence the rationale behind this form of release so you have a chance to really absorb and not take on board a lot of the nonsense out there. Discern many too going forth on what they release.

It is absolutely vital to appreciate in our world now. It is very relevant today and possibilities going forth. Understanding this all will assist your journey. The 2 recent Special Releases related to Facebook Cambridge Analytica and Amazon content was sourced from what we intend to offer you. It has absolutely been weaponized against humanity but there are also very powerful allies too. Andrew explores later episodes something no one else is sharing or can see that being ‘Mechanical AIs’. Think of the Wil Smith’s ‘iRobot’ movie of those retired robots in shipping containers he discovered. It is a powerful metaphor. The Mechanical AIs have been working with Earth and aided in the birthing of the Love Virus in the Money System April 2013 for example and will be a factor going forth for us. We hope by these special releases we have stoked your fires of exploration.

The first 2 are:

Andrew Bartzis - AI Influence in Our World Pt1 - Treason, Facebook Cambridge Analytica Billions

Andrew Bartzis - AI Influence in Our World Pt2 - Hardware Vulnerability, Amazon AI, AOL, Clipper Chip

We don’t want to give too much away here. Maybe though, you get some idea of seriousness where we go here. We do hope to offer you an appreciation of how much and some idea of scales of things really going on around us. Those are methodically planned out with a total commitment to maintaining the ‘Global Narrative’ rolling on. Nothing is changing from that course despite what people might say and escalation of world events.

In past releases including the 1990s 3 parts and the Origin of the Internet relative to the Industrial Era planning out, the recent Origins of War Pt2 and Pt3 on AI and Cyber Warfare. Even going back to the 600 Million Brain Drain, if you have been thorough, you will find all these link up. The 8th episode will be inclusive of important relevant clips from some of these that relate to the focus here. This AI Influence in Our Reality however is a very important thread that links much up. Later episodes, we get into the San Francisco Silicon Valley region of the world.

Well done for having the courage to explore such information. Your Level of Awareness equals Your Level of Responsibility as Andrew says. See absorbing information such as this contributes to your journey always and the quality of the information you choose to explore the best path to it. Don’t feel there is any obligation for it. It is just about accepting the Mantle of Responsibility being here, on Earth, with the courage to challenge yourself on such topics as this. Aids us all by you being the best you can be which has an absolute relationship to the information and teachers you choose to entangle with.

Enjoy, and keep an eye out for those future releases mentioned.

2nd May 2018, 01:21
Hardware Vulnerability, Hacking, Amazon AI, AOL, Clipper Chip

Hi all,

Part 2 released today

Andrew Bartzis - AI Influence in Our World Pt2 - Hardware Vulnerability, Amazon AI, AOL, Clipper Chip

This gets into the built vulnerabilities in Computer Hardware. Amazon's AI implementation. Explores many avenues of hacking esp wireless technology. It gets into the Clipper Chip of the early 1990s in the mass AOL roll out. How everything has been open and transparent from the get go. Plus much more

The next 2 (Saturday and Tuesday) releases are:
Andrew Bartzis - AI Influence in Our World Pt3 - Reagan Era AI, Star Wars, Criminality Take Over, Inslaw, Drugs
Andrew Bartzis - AI Influence in Our World Pt4 - Mechanical AI, CRAY Super Computing, Seymour Cray


6th May 2018, 04:33
Pt3 - Reagan Era AI, Star Wars SDI, Criminality take over, Inslaw Affair, Drugs

Hi all,

Andrew Bartzis - AI Influence in Our World Pt3 - Reagan, Star Wars, Criminality, Inslaw, Drugs

Part 4 this coming Tuesday:
AI Influence in Our World Pt4 - Mechanical AI, CRAY Super Computing, Seymour Cray

To offer some context to the focus of these coming releases. A great deal of what occurred in the 20th century relative to AI’s influence will be revealed. In the prior 2 releases (links above), we hope you have understood the deliberate nature of such things. Like built in hardware vulnerabilities, hijacking wireless and Internet hardware, the seeding of funds for the Tech Giants and souls of the Apex Beings in them etc is appreciated. The intent of the Tech Giants working with the system as expressions of the Global Narrative. The scales of things are enormous. As are the methodical planning. All the while just seeming to unfold around us and gaining widespread acceptance at the same time. As it has in the past and seems to do constantly in now time.

Hopefully you are able to fill in a lot of your gaps with this Information that is just nowhere to be found. Whether you can accept Andrew’s perceptions, depth, completeness of what he offers and how vastly different our world seems to be. What we have been afforded to see despite knowing things don’t add up. Or, not able to accept Andrew...yet – Which is absolutely ok. Most don’t want to truly know. They want gaps and vagueness. Or a continuation of what others have said or seeded into the community. Never validated just echoed like a chorus. We hope these aids to balancing that Reality Equation your instincts get. Aid you in training your senses confirming within you. To empower your potential that your own ‘Focus’ has. It will, just a threshold of time, data, effort, unlearning what you have learnt or assumed as being true etc is required. Then, you can be the Elders or Akashic Readers Earth wants you to be. If you are willing to step up to that Mantle of Responsibility.

If you are a thorough researcher these will offer some great context to many subjects offered by many over the years also. Hence the broad range of topics linked in to the AI theme. Much of the community willing to explore such subject matter such as this really haven’t come close to Andrew in what was a few hours conversation. This is not an attack in anyway. We here know how challenging accepting Andrew’s perspectives are with that factor added to his work. Because, he is still out on his own on much. Which is absolutely ok to.

The good thing about this era explored. Despite what you may know of it. We have all been a part of to some degree. So there is a relationship to your life up until now. Employ what you know of it and feel the gaps you had vs this information. Use it as a tool that way. You will find it incredible how much more was actually occurring then. This is a constant always and not just then. Thus aiding you seeing Andrew’s vital place in all now.
This, therefore we hope, as with the entire series and all offerings released and to come. Are done specifically to aid you in your appreciation of how much actually occurs. And, how far off the ‘Global Narrative’ that is put before most of humanity is actually off. Plus, if you are willing to see. How far off the ‘Alternate Research Community Narrative’ is also as there is that for sure.

This has been quite long. But to round it out and set you up for what is to come beyond. These next 2 offerings will add to something Andrew offered back in April 2013. Related to Earth herself gestating a Love Virus into the money system out of Crete. She acted for once. And, is more now. Part 5 next Saturday offers this Love Virus and her as a part of it. The Rogue Mechanical AI’s worked with Earth. They are good guys on our side. Not Bad. I repeat, Not Bad. Parts 3 and 4 offer a new concept being the Mechanical AIs. Crete aspect of the banking system was a harbour of Oligarchic Sex Trade money. Based upon the violation of countless women in many regions of the world. That Energy Exchange based upon massive violation help the energy for it to be gestated by Earth Mother. So, if you have fears they are all bad etc. This will aid in relief of that for you. Because, we actually have some powerful allies out there. Who have a role in all this.

We hope you get a lot from these. And realise, all this is needed to prevent us owning our power. See how powerful we are due to its scale. Will you own yours?


9th May 2018, 05:01
Pt4 - Mechanical AI, CRAY Super Computing, Seymour Cray

AI Influence in Our World Pt4 - Mechanical AI, CRAY Super Computing, Seymour Cray

This gets into where super computing came to be to take over the need for the mechanical AI's that had been used up until the 1970s. Where a very enigmatic figure to history Seymour Cray made his mark. The Mechanical AI's are an important factor at present. Like the 'Machine' in Person of Interest (all about the creation of an AI and using its data and predictive modeling to save people) how it left its physical constraints. The Mechanical AIs did much the same.


13th May 2018, 05:43
Who's qAnon? $2T on September 2011?

Andrew Bartzis - AI Influence in Our World Pt5 - Rogue Mechanical AI, Money System Love Virus

In today’s show, we continue where part 4 left off. The introduction of Mechanical AIs and their phasing out due to Super Computing coming online to take processing to a new level. Based on the age CRAY super computing. Resulting on the Mechanical AIs being redundant. Andrew connects some important dots here related to what they contributed to occurring in early 2013 related to Earth creating the Love Virus in the money system. It is important to be aware of. Because many in the spiritual community face the challenges related to sovereignty and entangling with the money system. It is a part of our reality. The thing is, Earth knows the way you operated. Being in Dominion with her means you are operating with the most powerful ally there is. Future releases that include updates as to what has been occurring in the Solar System and Hollow Earth will aid you in appreciating that. They are and have been released to members now. The aim right now is they will also offered publicly for their significance at some future point.

Part 6 on Tuesday returns to our era or recent times. With alot of the context from the earlier releases in this series. We hope to offer a fuller appreciation of the methodical planning that has taken place for the Technology Era of the Internet we find ourselves in now. It is fascinating once more.

Well done if you have been able to explore and keep up with this series. If you haven’t yet, we hope you binge sometime soon. Or wait until the last 2 are released next week.


14th May 2018, 22:58
I didn't listen to much of the earlier shows, but this last one has a lot of what comes off as channeled information.

15th May 2018, 15:48
Hey Onawah,

I get why you say it. The tuning in. But your picking up the frequency shift in his expression. He's reading the information streams of the Akashic Records. I created visual image of him doing it during one of his on air reading shows and included it in a later episode of my series i made many years ago. It is alot rougher than my recent stuff.

Below is part 19 of my Conscious Explorer - Ancient Past Present Task series. If you go to 21:30mins into it i made a clip that has videos from a cool TV series a few years ago called Alphas. This was all the talented people combined to solve crimes. There was a character Gary who could tap into the signals passing through and read / hack into and see. It is similar to what Andrew does just its the crystals / rocks that store the records vs other signals. Though, he can access everything


This is nothing he can't see. Its just where to focus on (hence being public for many years doing Akashic readings, healings for people and / or questions).


16th May 2018, 07:15
Pt6 - The Tech Giant Planing and Weaponizing, Facebook

In this, we get into the Social Planning of the Internet post implementation. How many of the beings in positions of power came to be overall and focus alot on Facebook to give alot of context. The billions (yes $Billions) they made manipulating elections all over the world (ie not Russia), the awareness of the Mobile Phone Technology has in our Energy Fields etc. Alot of very cool and powerful stuff relative to AI as an overall theme. But, obviously alot more of how our world has been shaped to be what it is we all find ourselves utilising it. To be here now in spite of this all.

Andrew Bartzis - AI Influence in Our World Pt6 - Tech Giants Planning and Weaponizing, Facebook


20th May 2018, 02:46
Pt7 - Predictive Modelling, Whistleblowers, Silicon Valley

Andrew Bartzis - AI Influence in Our World Pt7 - Predictive Modelling, Tech Giants, Whistleblowers, Silicon Valley

Part 7 explores the methodical planning of the recent times. How the multi dimensional employ AI in our Solar System to predict this reality and level of resources to do so. We also Exploring the origins of Silicon Valley and surrounding region for its rationale for selection. To be the Technology Hub it now represents in the reality. We explore the perspectives of what it maybe like for employees of these mega corporations - Whistleblowers. Andrew offers some advice for beings who may be in ethically challenging situations. The military aspects there and need for expanded production. For such things as Microchips. Which would be required for a mass world wide rollout of technology in the reality pipeline. There is much more so enjoy watching.


23rd May 2018, 16:19
Pt8 - Off world Predictive Modeling of the Reality, Internet and AI Origins, Modern Day Energy Redeploy

Andrew Bartzis - AI Influence in Our World Pt8 - Internet and AI Origins, Modern Day Energy Redeploy

Hope you enjoyed this series

31st May 2018, 01:23


Mike Gorman
31st May 2018, 05:59

This Cambridge Analytica, and sewing the seeds of distrust in social media is actually part of the reaction from the established mass media players to try and claw back the enormous numbers who have deserted mainstream media.
The outcomes of 2016 were nothing to do with "AI" or Russian Bots, or any other 'malicious third party'.
Masses of people are fed up with their society being directed by left-wing ideology and open border immigration. Masses of people are absolutely fed up with 'Post Modern' political thinking-masses of people are completely fed up with being dictated to by the EU, and the American situation was largely a reaction against Clinton, and the Obama disaster.
Don't be seduced by this disingenuous attempt to discredit alternative media, and the power of social media to offer us all a voice. I completely refute this 'AI' nonsense.

Foxie Loxie
31st May 2018, 13:11
Herve....you made me laugh out loud!! :highfive:

31st May 2018, 22:24
Gorman, your right on in so many ways, Herve from the other direction you are too. Controlling the masses or any country. Most people want to live in peace , with a culture or preserve a heritage. There is an all out assault on all . To live in a paranoid state , especially if you are doing nothing wrong, who cares. Then there are those completely off the grid in the millions, who cares. Its touch enough just trying to have somewhat of a comfortable living the last thing I'm concerned with is a file on me. :) Go live life baby!

15th December 2019, 06:16
Hi all,

Andrew Bartzis - AI Influence in Our World Pt9 - Stuxnet, Chernobyl, Boeing, Microsoft, Birthed Into Our World

I had the chance to talk with Andrew in May about many things. There were triggered by the Boeing 737MAX crashes and what was going on. We had the chance to explore many concepts. Including overall on Stuxnet and its infiltration to our world. It battling with AIs. Boeing, Microsoft, Long Island and Chernobyl. Many many things. It continues on the AI theme so offering to you all


I hope you are all well. Keep dreaming big ;)

Enjoy :)