View Full Version : Kindra Arnesen- Still fighting for the Gulf of Mexico. Great Video!!

1st January 2011, 23:25

2nd January 2011, 14:25
is it me or is she really looking alot worse that the last videos i saw her? She looks ... erm not healthy. Tired physically and mentally. Sad just sad.

2nd January 2011, 14:43
like the world has turned its back on the gulf

2nd January 2011, 14:47
She looks ill tho its scary,i mean she lives there and seems the effect of all that core exit on the atmosphere there is taking its toll on her,its sad to witness such a thing she is a very brave human being!

2nd January 2011, 15:33
she is one of my heroes

I hope history remembers her

I feel unworthy because I have done little to do what she righteously demands of us in the name of humanity

29th January 2011, 03:55
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