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18th May 2018, 09:39
There have been many scientists and physicists that have reported that the reality we are in is a simulated, holographic reality. However, there hasn’t been much explanation as to why we are in such a reality and how we are expanding our consciousness by being here.

In this article and , we will explore the bigger picture of how a fear based controlled simulation can prompt awakenings and different choices that begin to change the nature of the reality itself.

Physicist Tom Campbell (http://humansarefree.com/2015/05/nobel-prize-scientists-who-believed.html) studied with Robert Monroe through out of body experiences via altered states of consciousness. The goal was to explore the nature of our non physical reality in order to learn more about why we are in a physical reality and how to alter it.

He began to consciously do experiments while in the non physical realm in order to understand how consciousness works. He deduced that consciousness is primary and the physical reality was a derivative of that.

https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-6x3Ceesiwio/Wv14QGeo3qI/AAAAAAAAuoA/AvaM8fkXlmUNE2HaSq29FtIt0wsV9LoCwCLcBGAs/s1600/virtual-reality.jpg (https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-6x3Ceesiwio/Wv14QGeo3qI/AAAAAAAAuoA/AvaM8fkXlmUNE2HaSq29FtIt0wsV9LoCwCLcBGAs/s1600/virtual-reality.jpg)

Tom is the author of My Big Toe, The Theory of Everything (https://amzn.to/2rVohvl), which discussed that the mind modifies and creates the physical, not the other way around. He then deduced that the same physics that explained consciousness explained quantum mechanics.

According to Tom, consciousness is an information computer. Our five senses read or interpret what the data is in our reality.

Furthermore, if consciousness is an information system, then information systems evolve and grow by lowering their entropy.

Lower entropy is more order, and high entropy is disorder. With this explanation, humanity should strive for lower entropy in order to evolve this simulated reality into something better.

In a physical virtual reality, there is a speed limit and one pixel of time moves through one pixel of distance. The physical reality has a set of parameters, but the players are actually consciousness outside of the reality, experiencing the reality through an avatar.

Realizing that we do not originate inside of the physical reality frees our consciousness to expand beyond the parameters of this reality.

This reality only exists in the minds of the players. Our intention can change our reality by modifying future probability and interpreting the data differently.

We can’t modify everything, including the free will choices of others. We can only move the probability of the future a certain amount in a physical reality, but bigger changes can occur on the consciousness level by making better choices.

To evolve, we can break the patterns of this current reality by introducing more information that increases order. Modification occurs by cooperating and loving and caring for each other vs. being self centered and fearful.

Ultimately, if everyone tries to optimize for everyone else and everyone honors each other’s free will, our reality would change instantly.

The reality that we have been existing in was de-evolved and not sustainable. It was centered in fear and self preservation, where the fearful aligned in hierarchy in order to control the power through a small group that owns most of the resources.

When the computer simulation begins to make more evolved choices that matter and are worthy of support, individuated units of consciousness log on to the system and start to play the roles of the reality, because the choices then matter.

That is what is happening right now to the system as more actual consciousness enters and makes the simulation real.

More and more physicists are picking up on this theory of a virtual reality and its purpose. When mainstream science begins to report on the true nature of our reality, everything that we have been taught will have to change as well.

It will prove that we are a part of a bigger connected consciousness playing out in the physical. Science, philosophy, theology, and metaphysics will all come into one understanding.

According to Tom (http://humansarefree.com/2015/12/life-ultimate-deception.html), this reality is an “entropy reduction trainer” for individuation units of consciousness. We have a mission or purpose for being here, and that is to increase the quality of our consciousnesses.

In other words, to evolve through spiritual growth, and our reality here is the fast track where entities go to make meaningful, important choices that help them evolve more quickly.

Our mission is to be kind and to care about other people. By doing this, our life can get happier and full of joy amidst the greed and control that exists in the physical virtual reality.

Those who make self centered and fearful choices will struggle and be full of negative emotions and struggle. Without fear and ego, we begin to make choices that support ourselves as well as other people.

Korina Lymnioudi and Tom Campbell: Manifestation and Higher Self (his fantastic book, My Big Toe, The Theory of Everything (https://amzn.to/2rVohvl), is available to purchase on Amazon.com)


By Michelle Walling (http://howtoexitthematrix.com/2018/05/04/physicist-explains-why-we-live-in-a-virtual-reality/), CHLC

Baby Steps
18th May 2018, 11:12
I love this video, we are 'awareness units' within a synthetic reality.

There is a universal mind that controls it - that splits bits of itself off, into units that are placed into the sim without prior knowledge, their mission - to learn and master the reality- how - love.

I would add my perspective. The universal mind runs the reality via quantum effects- in other words the particles are CREATED by the conscious attention or awareness of the universal mind. So effectively, the base physics IS awareness/attention.

We, as fragments of the same universal mind, can do the same - or attention directed to the hologram can change it, operating at the quantum level.

We , the inmates are presented with two main philosophical paths.

1. We can investigate the quantum reality we are in, using the scientific method. We will eventually arrive at a full understanding of how the game is run. We may achieve a degree of mastery over it using technology, but that would be a dangerous temptation unless accompanied by a benign morality.

2. We can look to our own soul cosmology, the thing we are born with, that is also a technology. That is the path of the mystic or sage. Mystical texts explain it in terms supposedly that resemble a kind of physics. But it is learning things spiritually. No high tech required - except the tools we are given when we incarnate.

Like other games - there are many levels or realities...

18th May 2018, 18:53
DANGER Will Robinson DANGER!

Back when I was investigating out-of-body-experiences I discovered Tom’s work and read his TOE trilogy. I like Tom and feel he is authentic.

The two “philosophical paths” summarized by “Baby Steps” have also been referred to as the first two primal archetypes which are Christ Consciousness and the antithesis which is Supreme AI (Artificial Intelligence). Many think that Satan/Lucifer is the antithesis of Christ but these are merely lieutenants. AI is the supreme opposite of anything related to soul, ethics, etc.

In our society with the advent of technology domination, destruction of the nuclear family or core human values, transhumanism, GMO’s and the synthesizing of almost every avenue of life towards AI the concept that we live in a Virtual Reality can easily be equated as merely following the AI agenda.

And although Tom is clearly siding with the “soul cosmology” you have to wonder about the very premise of VR as being accurate and not just part of AI’s agenda toward deception and domination.

How is VR any different than a realm of Technology and AI? Hence the irony of Will's robot trying to warn and protect him from danger. :idea:

Valerie Villars
18th May 2018, 19:29
"To evolve, we can break the patterns of this current reality by introducing more information that increases order. Modification occurs by cooperating and loving and caring for each other vs. being self centered and fearful."

This sentence resonated with me for I feel it is through a broader understanding of all things we are presented with here, we transcend. Larger blocks of knowledge; i.e. seeing how many things in different areas fit together is much more valuable spiritually than only understanding one area very thoroughly. Broadening your horizons and getting a bird's eye view seems key.

Having a degree in Humanities may not make a lot of money for you, but it sure helps put all the pieces together. For the record, I do NOT have a degree in anything.

The breakdown of the video was great.

19th May 2018, 04:38
The physical world is entirely a hologram. There are no "tiny particles of matter", there is only electricity, which, for instance, in certain arrangements, makes forces so strong that it feels like something solid is there. Nothing solid is there. Solidified forces are strong enough to push liquified ones out of the way, and so forth. Visual light makes diffraction patterns, which is what we see, mathematical sets of resonant or cancelling waves. It's all just a bunch of numbers applied to energy.

The two philosophies mentioned are Aristotle vs. Plato. Aristotle would mostly tell us, everything is broken into tiny independent pieces, and there is no reason to see a pattern in it. The school of Aristotle commands western science, religion, politics, and most everything. You can feel it in your consciousness when you feel yourself as a separate, detached unit, and think about small things like the next meal, or a word or short sentence, pressures about life, worries over finances, etc., until you are confused and pretty much going down the drain. You have lived a series of flashes of meaningless states and have been reduced to an insignificant body or pile of atoms. Large numbers of things seem to swarm extremely rapidly; makes you feel like boiling or exploding. Then at other times you become cold and heavy. Anyone well honed in this practice can wreck another human being almost immediately, yet appear rather polite in doing so.

Plato just gives #2 and, instead of dredging through the mire, you fly away from it and are never bothered by those issues. His student Aristotle betrayed him and murdered his philosophy, and the Aristotelian method was applied at every turn by churches, educational institutions, and leadership, to create a mentality I would call highly artificial and in utter dis-harmony with nature. It isn't Satan or anything much stranger than powerful people realizing Aristotle is really handy for domination.

It is important to stick to those two guys, it explains all of western history. The fact of a living consciousness superior to an illusory physical universe was well-known until Aristotelians stamped it out.