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30th May 2018, 01:07
Many people hear ‘psychic ability’ and automatically think of the supposed future-telling crystal balls and such portrayed by Hollywood and books. Such not so accurate depictions have served to close a lot of minds to the many types of very real intuitive skills that exist in the world. In fact, most everyone has some sort of psychic ability within themselves.

Sometimes your ability is being used subconsciously or without recognition, but odds are you’ve done something simply because your gut or senses led you to it. These decisions, which are based on intuitive ability verses reasoning, are part of the big picture of psychic ability.

Understanding what’s involved in the various types of intuition, or psychic abilities, can help you identify your particular skill(s) and use them more effectively by embracing and practicing your gifts. As you develop your skill, you’ll find life becomes much clearer, meaningful, and easier.
There are six main types of psychic abilities. You may have one skill, multiple skills, or all of them. That said, most everyone will find that they have one to two primary psychic abilities where they demonstrate exceptional talent or potential. Which one of these best describes you?

1. Clairalience


Clear smell.
You’re a psychic smeller. Do you often smell things that aren’t there? Smells are messages for you. Perhaps you smell roses on your drive home and find a surprise arrangement waiting for you. Maybe, you randomly smell something, such as a perfume or baked treat, unique to a passed away loved one. Perhaps, you have lost touch or are missing someone in your life; when you think of them, do you smell anything - a hospital, beach, jet fuel? These smells from faraway environments can give you the clues, messages, and prompts to help you answer questions you may not even know you need to ask.

2. Clairgustance


Clear taste.
You’re a psychic taster. Your ability is within your taste buds being used to receive messages. You may randomly taste things without eating anything, taste the air around you, or taste unrelated things from what you’re eating or drinking.
Most of us rely upon sensory perception from touch, sight, and sound to make sense of what we sense. So, Clairalience and Clairgustance can be quite confusing if you have either as predominate skills. It may help you to keep a journal of all occurrences and the details surrounding them so that you can establish a pattern, develop a sense of association, and analyze what’s being conveyed to you through your skill.

3. Clairaudience


Clear hearing.
You’re a psychic hearer, or channeler. Hearing skills may be in physical form, where you actually hear messages with your human ears, or it can be in the form of spiritual hearing, where messages are received from within. Memories, words, and sounds can be replayed in your head.

Since most messages are heard in your own voice, it can be quite difficult for novice clairaudiences to discern between their own thoughts and those being received. A good starting place is to look for random, off topic phrases that pop into your mind; unusual sentence lengths; unusual grammar; or anything that stands out as important for no apparent reason.

4. Clairsentence


Clear feeling.
You have the gift of psychic feeling. Your emotions, energy, and other feelings are able to pick up on what your other senses aren’t keen enough to identify. A person may look just fine and be saying and doing all the right things, but your inner feelings are what will tell you that something is amiss. Likewise, your skill may attract you to acquaintances of great significance and importance who you’d otherwise overlook because they’re not appealing to you from the surface view. Your clear feeling will help you through both positive and negative choices, situations, and relationships if you allow for its guidance.

Empaths are often part of the clairsentence group. By being so sensitive to other people’s energy as an empath, you must be careful that you’re not picking up on the emotions of others and confusing them as your own positive or negative feelings.

5. Claircognizance


Clear knowing.
Psychic knowing is slightly akin to clairsentence, but it comes from a different place of reception. It’s a gut feeling of knowing from within that’s not accompanied by any foundation, direct knowledge, or energy from others. It’s a sense of unexplainable knowing by emotion or thought that doesn’t need analysis for meaning.

6. Clairvoyance


Clear seeing.
Clairvoyance is the most well-known psychic ability. A few are able to physically see spirit guides, ghosts, or archangels with their third eye, but most have memory-like visions that may appear as random snapshots, film clips, or entire storylines from a perspective that’s not their own. This is where the third eye term derived.

Developing Psychic Abilities

Again, most all of us are born with at least one psychic ability. Natural ability, much like any other skill from cooking to singing, however, comes in various degrees. Some are born with strong, undeniable psychic skills that are impossible to repress. Meanwhile, others brush their underdeveloped intuitive skills aside as flukes and begin to ignore them all together. So, developing your psychic skills is all about identifying, expounding, and nurturing skills that already exist within you, not creating something out of thin air.

Think back through life to determine how intuition has manifested itself for you - vision, thoughts, feelings, tastes, scents, or unexplained knowing. Ponder how your other accolades and skills have possibly unassumingly been led by psychic abilities. For example, did you become a counselor or therapist because you’re very sensitive to the emotions and energies of others? If so, look at clairsentence abilities. Does music and audio profoundly move you? If so, explore clairaudience.

3rd June 2018, 05:48
All of the above I do not see prophecy. Foresight. Precognition. What are thoughts on that. In August or September an event will occur this year that will cause a great deal of human movement across the US. This is going to be a series of natural events. It is yet to be determined to what extent or area causing this, there are variables left to change that will dictate.

Valerie Villars
3rd June 2018, 13:23
All of the above I do not see prophecy. Foresight. Precognition. What are thoughts on that. In August or September an event will occur this year that will cause a great deal of human movement across the US. This is going to be a series of natural events. It is yet to be determined to what extent or area causing this, there are variables left to change that will dictate.

There is another thread where wnlight is predicting some major changes in areas of the world in late 2018, so your information jives with that. I love when information dovetails.

3rd June 2018, 14:27
Valerie, here's wnlight dowsing predictions:Default World-Wide City Population Changes by End of 2019

Most of the damage to cities will occur in the latter half of 2019. The “2020” numbers are for January 1, 2020. Note that I used 2007 population numbers so that I could include many cities world-wide based upon the same date. A few of these numbers surprised me, but they have all been checked by multiple dowsing.

Valerie, you may be onto something else!

Valerie Villars
3rd June 2018, 14:33
I have the utmost respect for dowsing. It's instinct bought forward with real science.

There is a wonderful gentleman I know who does this and he is one of the smartest and most spiritual people I know.

I thought he said 2018, but apparently not. It's basically the same information though. Thanks for finding that pyrangello.

3rd June 2018, 17:35
Valerie I found dowsing to be just the coolest thing. I learned how to find water through a gentleman who had spent his life relying on this process for his dinner. Super neat! I am such a geek LOL I ran around our acres like a kid on Christmas morning LOL I am super glad I took that afternoon to learn about it first hand. He taught me about the different materials you would use to do different activities. I have never regretted a conversation with an elderly member of the world.

Michelle Marie
3rd June 2018, 18:16
In using these abilities, it's important to distinguish between the Astral Realm and the Spiritual Realm. The Astral Realm contains entities that may be less evolved. You could contact a "trickster" or even worse.

Through intention and practice, you can distinguish between the Realms. All the Realms are in the field and the vibrational level distinguishes one realm from the next.

I've been giving intuitive readings for years. One just yesterday! :) these come from the Spiritual Realm and the feedback I get is highly positive. Primarily, I use clairaudience, but clairsentience and clairvoyance come into play as well. I never charge, as it is a service I freely give.

I had the opportunity to learn and practice dowsing at Panther Meadows on Mt. Shasta. It was pretty awesome!

It is not my area of expertise, however, and I sure do appreciate, respect, and admire those who are good at it.
In spite of all of the predictions, I get the sense that 'All is Well' and in the overall scheme of things, we are progressing.

Can you dowse different timelines? I'm just wondering how different morphogenic fields will manifest as differing realities. Any thoughts?

MM :flower:

4th June 2018, 11:07
Michelle, Any insights during your experience with dowsing at Panther Meadows, any epiphanies you could share? I agree completely, that the spiritual and astral have to be experienced and treated differently how you said it helped me make a clearer set of circumstances between the two, thank you! I never considered putting the mischievous and unformed into astral, I just thought of most of it like excessive human baggage that got left behind. Like a lump of clay waiting to be molded.

Valerie Villars
4th June 2018, 13:27
Theresa, I would have had the same reaction about dowsing, like a kid on Christmas morning. I was like that about metal detecting. I was finding so many interesting things.

MM, I am still having trouble understanding parts of my experience. There was one aspect of it which makes me think I was in the Astral Realm while walking and talking as I do now, because there were entities who tried to get me to do things out of character for me, and there were others who just took advantage of my naivete. It definitely wasn't this realm. There were too many strange things going on.

I have trouble with definitions and with sorting through what I went through. There were also very beautiful parts, where I communicated internally with what I would consider God. It was a very confusing time for me and it is still confusing. I have difficulty putting much of it into any kind of coherent narrative.

I value your knowledge and input. I thought all that stuff was fairy tales before I lived it.

4th June 2018, 17:05
Valerie, I say a thousand times a day we need to create a new language for these experiences that everyone can relate to. When I talk to the spiritual it is not words, it is an instant knowing of something by picture, sounds, smell, and emotional description. All of the experiences out there are worded and labeled by each persons individual belief system be it religious or cultural or unique unto them.

I know, if it is important it will repeat and repeat and repeat the same things over and over sometimes in a different arrangement but its the same message until you get it. Sometimes its not for you, you are supposed to just share it and someone else gets to go OHHHHHH I get that. Go for it, do it, speak it. If for no other reason than "wow it was super cool!"

I like to explain it to people without any of these things (latent psychic abilities) by explaining how dogs see with their sense of smell. They draw images by what they smell and it tells them so much information. We draw images or pick them up from energy. With the advent of wifi and cordless recharging, cell phones etc, I think we have created a network that some of us can just key right into naturally. Once it happens its like blooming. We spread out and its all just right here... it is like walking in two different worlds at once. One is HUGE and vast and ours is so tiny but lovely. Many spiritual people feel as if they are half in one and half in another.

There is a book (I do not identify with one religion I appreciate literature and learning) The seven valleys and the four valleys by a prophet Bahá’u’lláh it is free online, it talks about the types of life in reincarnation experiences, it helped me understand the different journeys everyone is on and with that I understand more of what I see. Maybe it will help a little, maybe not. LOL Native Americans also see things in a way that helps. Imagine an ancestor of yours from Greece in BC is trying to teach you or reach out to you, or that is the DNA memory your trying to receive, how much could we miss by not understanding how life was lived at that time.

I firmly believe we all can do this if we can step away from instant gratification techniques. See, there are numerous studies about addicts. These studies show that a spiritual person who is learning and becoming comfortable with their gift gets the same brain stimulation of pleasure as buying great shoes, taking drugs, falling in love. Pretty cool.

If all of mankind could look at this originating post and understand its all within each of us, imagine how amazing that would be. I believe that this is what will occur in the next 30 years.

Michelle Marie
4th June 2018, 18:29
Michelle, Any insights during your experience with dowsing at Panther Meadows, any epiphanies you could share? I agree completely, that the spiritual and astral have to be experienced and treated differently how you said it helped me make a clearer set of circumstances between the two, thank you! I never considered putting the mischievous and unformed into astral, I just thought of most of it like excessive human baggage that got left behind. Like a lump of clay waiting to be molded.

I had never used dowsing rods before. It was fascinating!

I don't remember any epiphanies or insights, other than in general, strong intuition is supported by a tool that reads energy. When I do aura healings, I can feel the "edge" of someone's aura. The dowsing rods can demonstrate the same thing.

One time, someone I was doing an aura healing on tried to trick me. He expanded his aura way far. I told him to pull his aura in, and he started laughing. It was rather funny. :)

I think there are lumps of energy (clay) waiting to be transmuted so that the information within can be expressed and given another purpose. The truth from these lumps can really set us free from that baggage, that's for sure.


6th April 2019, 06:11
I thought I would post this question here rather than start a new thread as it is related...

Does anyone know how a person with strong Empathic abilities get more control so that they are not overtaken by the unwanted physical aspects of receiving feelings from others?

My spouse just had a very difficult time while driving. She was overcome with fear, anxiety and a feeling of being stabbed in the chest. She was very cold and shaking uncontrollably and then when she looked to the side of the road she was passing by an animal meat plant. (We are vegens and animal lovers.) Once she drove a short distance away, the feelings receded.

Her Empath abilities have been really growing over the past few years. I have chronic back issues and if I am out somewhere and my back acts up she will call me to see if I am ok. I also have a bad knee and I stressed it out yesterday and I heard her cry out in pain in the other room - and she knew it was my knee. (Yeah, I need to heal so she isn't hurt anymore.)

These feelings are hitting her harder and seem to be growing. Years back when I first met her it was not so strong. While driving if I drove past, for example - a dead squirrel on the road, she would get shivers and then look up and ask me if we just drove past something.

For some reason she resists meditating. I know that would probably be the best route for her to take, but that is not something she will do at this time for what ever reason. Oh well, to each in their own time.

Any other advice? Any type of crystal or something that will help? Is there a way I might be able to help. I do have some psychic abilities at times, but nothing that I really have any control over.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.