View Full Version : Peruvian Stone Walls are NOT a mystery!! I've seen them do it.

23rd July 2018, 17:50

I was watching Ancient Alien stuff when I stumbled onto the video above.. and I thought; WAIT... I know exactly why there are little knobs on the side of the stone; in fact; I've watched a video on how they did this; how is this still a mystery??

So I'm going to describe the video that I've seen on youtube and I'm hoping someone will be able to help me find the video if it's still up.

Let me describe the video content and also how the Peruvian Stone Walls are built:
(*yes, this is a video I watched, not a guess on my part!!)

There is a younger man, he is with an old man; the younger man is carrying a shaved circular tree (think skinnier telephone pole). He places it under one of the stone knobs sticking out; has a small wedge on the floor. he pushes the stick down and along the wedge, and it every so slightly lifts the stone up.. clearance is small; I'd say 3 inches my best guess. he then gets a small makeshift wall ladder, and climbs up next to the block that's lifted, and with another small (I assume harder stone) in hand; proceeds to plane down both the lifted rock, and the rock it's sitting on. Plane plane plane, and then he brushes out the small pebble and dirt from his planing, and then gets down the ladder. He lowers the stick; and lowers the rock. The old man is standing and trying to check if the edges align and are straight etc.. This action is repeated several times until the old man is satisfied. Then they move on to the next rock. The wedging of the rock also allows for a slight tilt, so one of the sides is accessable for planing also. One by one; they wedge with the stick; the rock is propped up enough for him to stick his hand in and plane down both sides of the rock (as well as side walls) debris is removed; and someone is checking for edge straightness and alignment.

I don't remember the name of the video; and don't even know what possible key words I'd be able to search in Youtube for it.. But the answer is ALREADY on youtube and apparently is still in practice today. So there's no mystery!!!

I would love to find the video I saw though; so we can move on with REAL mysteries..

23rd July 2018, 20:06
Not buying it. They wanted to make people believe that the pyramids blocks where also made out of concrete a while back, but it turned out it was prestine sandstone.
Sandbags, yeah right ;)

here some pics to doubt that Theory

Machu Picchu, natural Stone !



Ollantaytambo in Peru. That must have been a gigantic sandbag ;), and by the way also natural stone.


Why knobs on perfectly square blocks ?

I could post hundreds of pictures that are neither cement or done with some kind of sandbags. Nice try though ;)

And regarding the Threadtitle: Who exactly did you see do what ???

Foxie Loxie
23rd July 2018, 23:06
Great pictures, uzn!!:highfive:

A Voice from the Mountains
24th July 2018, 04:16
Yeah, I'm not buying the log theory either. It's been tried before. The early Spanish accounts even describe the natives trying to emulate these monoliths, and using the log technique that you describe. Not only could they not complete a project in this way, but it resulted in the deaths of many laborers from out-of-control boulders on hillsides, until they finally gave up.

And even if a native tribe did manage to use this technique to transport all the blocks to their places, it doesn't explain how they were carved. These people are not supposed to have had metallurgy, nor even the wheel in many cases (though I hardly believe that either). So they would have had to have chipped all these blocks out by hand using other stones, and I'd like to see someone go out and replicate these blocks like that.

24th July 2018, 19:12

They with their stonework are trying to tell us something, but too tired and dumb down to connect now :(

That particular image is pure artistry, just love what they did with their construction/art

Love it :sun

Webz Libri
22nd January 2019, 03:15
CEMENT BAGS! Really! Aliens sound more plausible than CEMENT BAGS! :ROFL:

Ok, let's think about the bags..... say the ancients could hold a ton of cement in a bag :ROFL:, how thick does this bag need to be? what material in ancient times is strong enough for this? So, you have these Magic bags, do they also dissolve magically and allow the gap created by adjoining bags to disappear?... huh, maybe they were ancient alien bags.