View Full Version : UK ground crew was just asleep - Not dead - now it has been awakened.

Jan Rodrigo
12th April 2010, 17:02
UK ground crew was just asleep - Not dead - now it has been awakened.
I remember there was a thread not long ago asking whether the UK ground crew was dead or was it always destined to never get started? And I thought this was very negative and based in fear. As there are many people who are working behind the scenes in and out of their communities to get this started and keep the faith alive, most of whom are coming to our next meeting.

Things now are manifesting into reality as there is now a meeting happening in the UK where people can all start to become part of an organized movement and strengthen our numbers. Here is the opportunity to start to take action and practice what we all preach - now we can all become that living example. I have also organized a few speakers. One being a guy called Chris Coverdale who will be advising us where we stand on the law side of things.

We can make a difference on energy level as well as a physical level. Ií m hoping to get some people who are going to give really interesting talks as well. I mean what an exciting time we live in with so many beautiful and different people - I personally canít wait to get this ball rolling. Now it has started there will be no stopping it.

Please everyone remember there are people out there who really do not want any type of communities to start and even tried to crash av1. I feel theyíre everywhere - well just a message for those people who are against what we are trying to achieve - two fingers to you, no way can you stop any of this, itís our free will youíre messing with.

Also well done to all the people who are staying positive - all this is down to your energy. Love to you all and hope to see many of you there, the more people the better. There is a link below for meeting info


Lost Soul
13th April 2010, 00:55
Best wishes to our comrades in the UK.

13th April 2010, 16:23
Hello jan,
a serious question, will we need some wellies for when we are on the camp site?

Jan Rodrigo
13th April 2010, 17:24
may be not sure ill ask someone that well no more

13th April 2010, 18:05
Seeing itís UK, then I recommend wellies, sandals, rain coats, T-shirts, sun hats, umbrella (one for the rain and one for the sun) and a six pack!! :p Oh and extra towels in case!!:rolleyes:

13th April 2010, 18:20
lol, as long as we don't need a boat, we will come well prepared lol.

13th April 2010, 18:38
lol, as long as we don't need a boat, we will come well prepared lol.

I wouldn't rule anything out in UK!!:eek:

13th April 2010, 23:21
keep the peace and free will going people.

if you are against free will, what are doing in this forum?