View Full Version : Sister Keri Burnor Testimony and the supposed US DOD 'Nano Domestic Quell' document.

9th September 2018, 15:31
Hi Folks

I notice there was a thread back in 2013 about the supposed document mentioned in the title of this thread.

As the question of the 'Nano Domestic Quell' US DOD document has been coming up again in the last couple of months with the recent testimony of SIster Keri Burnor, eg end-of-August and early-September 2018 Project Camelot interviews, I felt it was worthwhile sharing this short Youtube video by Matthew Hathaway which debunks Dr Bill Weld, in particular the seal on the supposed DOD official 'NDQ' document.



Does anyone have any further thoughts on this?

Here is the first of the Project Camelot Interviews:-

And here is a shorter, more succinct solo presentation by Sister Keri:-

I would kind of like to let Sister Keri know about this, as she seems to me to be sincere, and as this document seems to form such a cornerstone of her argument (which seems to be otherwise quite well documented and backed up). So far though I have been unsuccessful in contacting her in person.

She probably has an important testimony and message, and, if so, the junk conspiracy (to use Dark Journalist's term) only detracts from what she is saying, and from the credibility of anyone who quotes her facts.

This also brings up the important wider issue of junk conspiracy undermining otherwise potentially important testimonies.

Any comments?



Valerie Villars
9th September 2018, 18:42
Oops, did you try to contact her via the clergyvictims.com website?

If it were me, I would sincerely offer the information and let her make up her own mind. I didn't listen to all she had to say, but she did seem sincere to me too. Unfortunately, she's going to have to figure out the true from the false just as we all do.

I sure wish someone would step forward and say "Now look here Val, this is what's really going on." We live in a world of Russian nesting dolls which seem to have no ending.

It's very kind of you to want to point out a possible discrepancy in her source document.

10th September 2018, 03:17
Yes, I did try to contact her at the clergy victims website... but was told something like: īplease try to present the NVQ document in a positive light in order to help this case'.

It's not just about kindness, but it's also about getting to the truth. Especially as this case involves very serious allegations concerning the Catholic Church, MKULTRA, Jesuits and others.



Valerie Villars
10th September 2018, 12:07
Well it sounds like they/she don't really want to know the truth if they don't want to hear anything besides a positive spin on a possibly false document.

For what it's worth, I believe truth is kindness.

10th September 2018, 19:06
For what it's worth, I believe truth is kindness.

Good point, Valerie!

10th September 2018, 19:12
I would try sending a message to Kerry Cassidy who I believe is still a member of this forum, since she would probably have some influence. If that doesn't work, Bill Ryan would probably know how to get in touch with Kerry.