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4th January 2011, 18:03
How beautiful is this?


The curves, the indentations giving texture to the whole


A stranger to most of us.. our own DNA


I am not an academic minded person. I learn through feeling. Some see this as a weakness. I am just me.

So it seems our DNA is what is valued to the powers that are/be/were....


Do we surrender? Some say yes.. let go of the "animal body", Be the Light..


Do we fight? Some say yes... We are whole, mind, body and spirit.. Be what you are..


This is a big moment for many people.. You are not alone.


4th January 2011, 18:12
I've been convinced for a long time that there are 2 kinds of 'evolution' going on in us at the same time. One is related to the fossil record and the physical and the other is related to the sentient being that unites with the first for a lifetime at a time.

The picture that seems to be emerging from the "Charles" stuff looks to be about the physical half of the equation so far. Perhaps it's not just about the physical but if it is, I'm curious about how the sentient 'spirit' relates to the huhg!.. value of 3 million years.