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4th January 2011, 19:48
A thought occurred to me about the "Human Experiment".

What if as all "group-soul" beings progress they slowly create this internal infrastructure of communication - Telepathy, OBE, etc.

The farther they progress the larger this network is to encompass even beings outside there group soul. (When things are alike they are the same.)

Eventually they slowly remove themselves from the physical and take up residence in the internal "etheric" system they have manifested. (ascension)

Now lets say you want to see what happens to a race if you remove their ability to innately create these natural communication channels. You want to know if they will still manifest, but in a different way.

This would no doubt create a lot of drama and complication what with them messing with a completely natural system.

Maybe you see where I'm going with this in relation to where we are today?

The internet, phone technology, people arguing the same point through different points of view (semantics)...

Just a thought.

//Originally posted this in the Charles QA but with a page being added every couple minutes I imagine it will be buried quickly :P

4th January 2011, 20:47
Interesting starting point.