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2nd October 2018, 15:56
"Since the self is not one of the “lower principles”,
that is, the envelopes of incarnation –
the mental, emotional, and etheric envelopes
– and their consciousness ...
http://harmoniouspalette.com/AudioExcerptLink.png (http://harmoniouspalette.com/Not-MMentalEmotionalEtheric~Envelope~Not.mp3)

Lars translated all the texts of Henry T. Laurency. The original Swedish versions of Laurency's books, were initially introduced in the 1950s and were soon suppressed by the markets and those ones who hate real progress in consciousness development. This has been typical for planet earth, but concentrating on this subject will help heal our troubled times. Above is an example of the PDF conversion to MP3 audio, so that books may be read to us. Click on the links above or below.

I listen to spoken texts read to me during daily tasks, (through PDF to MP3 conversion, through earplugs). The gradual flow of hundreds of listening hours, heard successively with many replays, trains my ‘envelopes’. These envelopes are Laurency's metaphor referring to the usual, internal, robotic faculty inside humans, the humanistic emotionality and the bodily physicality, which otherwise crowd consciousness and waist mental attention, waste one’s remaining time on earth, with their lower quality of energies wearing out the body. We have better ways to remedy this situation today.

We need not get passively lost in master-worlds or astral brands of astral constructions. We have available this systematized application of science, to balance the emotional, the mental and the physical-etheric. All three mastered as one together is said to graduate us to the higher mental and causal world. Laurency and Adelskogh writings cover this in great detail, through specific contexts.

I always wanted an active meditation system which was rare if not unheard of. The passive methods of meditation at best reach stages of mysticism, or sainthood, but lack the scientific edge, of understanding the laws of nature. Where Pythagoras clarified, that spirit is the same as the consciousness of matter. This key has been lost for thousands of years. Today it is here to be found in the links above and below.


I just cut the weedy vines at the base, if these interfere with good crops.


I wish i could get the natural pests to do this weeding, in exchange for my substantially favoring them. For years i have wondered if human causes are too primitive, to make such relationships possible, but that we could make this happen through better causal development. Bring such harmony to earth. Raising our consciousness development might open possibilities. Provide keys to better civilized evolution , if we use the right tools and methods, to reach higher planes. Especially to keep science on hand, while we develop unprejudiced consciousness, all around.

Earlier meditation practices miss key parts, now available. These were held back by higher selves, until the world was ready, with sufficient numbers of people looking for this sort of developmental practice, such as generic-group-consciousness-development . Which is the free will and sufficient human energy, rationally expanding, systematically reaching out to higher selves. The human family is not so easily detached from us, as some infer. This hylozoic system connects particular advances of western scientific and eastern consciousness with Pythagorean additives, all unified together, to be internally exercised, as a further result, of reading texts by Laurency and Adelskogh.

http://harmoniouspalette.com/Free~APMA~freePDF.png (http://livskunskap.dyndns.org/hylozoik/english/light%20technology/ABOUT%20PYTHAGOREAN%20METHODS%20OF%20ACTIVATION.pd f)

Many esoteric authors have a place preliminarily and historically, in this subject area, but Laurency and Adelskogh clinch whole system to expand consciousness development, by adding further, key methodology. As human development is too wild and stray, without such guidance. http://laurency.com

2nd October 2018, 23:58
Wavydome, first thanks for this thread.

I truly like the idea of mp3 to listen while doing something else.

Has most of Laurency work been put on mp3?

Is that you who did the talking on mp3, or is it on the site - I never saw it there.


3rd October 2018, 09:31
Wavydome, first thanks for this thread.

I truly like the idea of mp3 to listen while doing something else.

Has most of Laurency work been put on mp3?

Is that you who did the talking on mp3, or is it on the site - I never saw it there.



The voice is by my ap GhostReader (https://www.convenienceware.com/ghostreader) using infovoxHQ voice 'Tyler' .

I am not aware of anyone else putting these works online. I tried another clip on Youtube but it is too hard to get back in to edit it. Or I need to update my OS, etc... I'm reluctant to ask my server-owner-friend for much greater use of his disc space, as bandwidth might get expensive for us.

GhostReader modifies the voice according to user's added punctuation. I used a lot of line breaks and/or extra spaces to adjust the silence-duration between words. I felt this excerpt was worth the time for this work. The ap lets one adjust the reading rate, (speed), but this does not pause spaces between each word.

For whole books, I just copy-paste the whole thing as-is, sometimes remembering to add " End. End." at the end. Otherwise the MP3 players just continue reading the next mp3 file, without the slightest pause ad I like to be aware of which file is playing.