View Full Version : Free Speech Police; Jonathan Pie

12th October 2018, 17:42
If you want the Police to arrest people for their choice of words then you want to live in a police state.


Deux Corbeaux
12th October 2018, 20:50
This made me think of the University of Toronto psychology professor Jordan Peterson who had enough of what he saw as a campus culture where "social justice warrior, left-wing radical political activists" ran rampant.

Peterson was especially frustrated with being asked to use alternative pronouns as requested by trans students or staff, like the singular 'they' or 'ze' and 'zir', used by some as alternatives to 'she' or 'he'.


13th October 2018, 14:08
At the company I worked for it got so bad that you could not say .. blackout dates.. referring to the days no one could take a vacation. In Las Vegas they use the term.. dark.. for days that the show are not open,....that will have to stop too I would think ...... Just another form of censorship. I like it when someone says "you can't say that" I say yes I can, and I did.