View Full Version : Richplanet (Richard Hall) covers fake car bombing with actors

12th November 2018, 02:12
This is somewhat humorous. This is a car bombing plot carried out, unaware its being caught on ccd camera .
So caught red handed the media spins a cover story.

start at the 2 min mark


12th November 2018, 09:24
Deleted Post.

Innocent Warrior
12th November 2018, 09:27
So busted. Looks like they went with the approach of telling a lie so huge for the cover story that it will leave people thinking they couldn’t possibly be lying that much. I think that will only keep working for so long. :blabla:

13th November 2018, 05:27
They're actually showing empty rooms now on TV and calling it "truly horrific." Just throwing it in our face. Reading the YT comments it seems like most people see right through it. They know the terms, it's gone semi mainstream.

I think it's about time we just said it aloud, at work, on the bus... fake fake fake. Just rip off the little bandaids of stupidity :)