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13th March 2019, 18:30
Apparently Actor Willam H Macy and wife Actress Felicity Huffman "made a purported charitable contribution of $15,000 to [Key Worldwide Foundation] to participate in the college entrance exam cheating scheme on behalf of her oldest daughter," the complaint said.

Dozens of parents, including famous actresses, college coaches and a winemaker were charged in an alleged conspiracy to get students into top colleges, according to a federal criminal complaint.

More HERE - https://edition.cnn.com/2019/03/12/us/college-admission-cheating-scheme-players/index.html

and apparently all the names parents HERE - http://nymag.com/intelligencer/2019/03/all-the-parents-named-in-the-college-admissions-scandal.html

Ah, the power of photoshop, not for birth certificates tho - https://nypost.com/2019/03/12/college-scam-mastermind-photoshopped-students-faces-onto-athletes/

Tbe rich get richer, and the poor have to cram, swot and study as well hold down 2-3 jobs and repay ridiculous student loans, eee me.

For all those parents, an E- (Epic Fail)

What do you think, should you be able to buy your kids into college by making donations, bribes or "contributions" or do you think far too many college kids get it too easy these days?

Wouldn't be at all surprised for more and more other similar wealthy parents get outed
in the weeks and months ahead.

Wot u reckon?

14th March 2019, 03:50
It's my understanding is that the colleges themselves did not receive any contributions or bribes.

The money was to falsify applications, exam results, references and sporting achievements in order to be offered a place based on that information.

Thats why the parents themselves have committed an offense not the Colleges.

14th March 2019, 05:26
I posted this earlier on the HollyWeird GreatAwakening thread

College Cheating

Taken from the site Blind Gossip.


It turns out that the names released in the Operation Varsity Blues college admissions scandal were just the tip of the iceberg!

While Federal authorities were focused on recent cheaters, there is a longer list that goes back several years.

One of the famous names on the list? One of the biggest superstars, ever, in the business world!

Despite his billions – yes, BILLIONS – and his world-famous name, this tech titan consulted with William “Rick” Singer, the college admissions adviser who masterminded the cheating scam, about getting his child/ren into a top university.

Rick Singer used to brag that [Billionaire] was his client.

Think of the most famous names in tech and you will guess who this is.