View Full Version : Wikileaks, the Mainstream Media, and Google

29th April 2019, 12:30
Forgive me for asking. I’ve already wondered if Assange has been filtering Wikileaks based on his lack of submitted 911 info. I wonder this as well: Wikileaks has been advertised like crazy by MSM (by just the mention of it) and is still shown on google front and center.

I’ve seen lesser websites blocked by google, and it would seem that if Wikileaks was so terrible and illegal MSM wouldn’t have exposed it’s existence to billions of people and google would refuse to keep it up.

Are you sure the information/motivation of that site is “as pure as snow”?
All I am is curious! Thanks

29th April 2019, 17:54
Snow is not pure and depends on where you live, especially first snow.
Wikileaks is a great example of why each group can use it to propagate their agenda.
Some will use it to show what happens to whistle blowers, others will "give" it information or rope to hang itself, and so on.
Can you name one pure thing?

29th April 2019, 22:18
Haha good point. I read an opinion or 2 on here about Wikileak’s “perfect record” and instead of questioning those claims like I should have I jumped to this question. Your statement makes great sense though. I’m indeed leery that bad info is being pushed through it though would have no way to prove anything :confused: thanks!