View Full Version : Bob Chapman just outed Ronald Reagan

7th January 2011, 19:45
He has basically said he can confirm that Regan was gay, and that they have a video to prove it, and that this was recorded for blackmail.

He also said that his wife is aware of it.

Give it a while and no doubt this will be all over the internet.

Be Safe


7th January 2011, 19:53
Not surprising...and really (not to put down the post) but who cares?

The man might have been gay..and they hid that info from us...shrug..

7th January 2011, 19:57
Not surprising...and really (not to put down the post) but who cares?

The man might have been gay..and they hid that info from us...shrug..

Agree Celiné,

however, it is the fact that they video taped it and used it as backmail that set the alarm bells ringing. If they had that on him, what do they have on Obama?

7th January 2011, 20:01
bit of a stretch... non?...but ok... :P

7th January 2011, 20:05
bit of a stretch... non?...but ok... :P


They say they got something on everyone of them, and thats why Regan did what he was told.

I am not for picking on those who cannot defend themselves, however, I just used this as a fine example of what these people are being held over a barrel with.

7th January 2011, 20:53
Ronald Reagan being gay is the least of his offenses made while in office. Ronald Wilson Reagan 666 ahhhhhhhh!!!! lol

Lost Soul
7th January 2011, 22:08
He's dead Jim.

So who cares? Reagan talked the conservative line but spent like a madman on defense and expanded the government. Thankfully, he didn't spend like Dubya did or Obama does.

7th January 2011, 23:44
isn't it a little strange that a lot of "important" figures in the government are gay?

7th January 2011, 23:46
You know Sapphire I completely agree. The conspiracy to control the world is really a homoerotic boys club. It's not just the Jews that want to control the world, it's the *shudder* Gays! Heaven forfend, and you have an infiltrator in your midst on both counts.

*impressed much?*...

7th January 2011, 23:49
I guess that this was what they had on Reagan. I take it him being a member of the communist party earlier in his life didn't really matter.

8th January 2011, 00:02
To Decibellistics

You said 'Ronald Reagan being gay is the least of his offenses'. I respectfully ask you whether you really meant that, as you may have simply been referring to the fact that this is no real news and it's his other stuff that should be noted. But it does kinda sound like a negative statement on mine and others' sexuality. No worries really, but thought it was important to point this out. We can be unintentionally marginalised by throw away words more often than needs be. x x

8th January 2011, 02:20
Last year I watched an interesting documentary on closeted gay republicans in office (who lobby for anti-gay legislation) , called Outrage (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1049400/). Definitely worth a watch. It's pretty sad that these guys feel like they have to keep their sexuality a secret, and even more sad that they have all of this internalized homophobia.

Of course in Reagan's time (his youth, anyway), there was significantly less societal acceptance. Still, it wasn't an uncommon thing in Hollywood in those days either (Cary Grant, Anthony Perkins, etc). It wouldn't surprise me.

8th January 2011, 04:22
Hey thanks CosmicLagoon :-)

I've often noticed that the worst homophobes are often closet-cases lol, and trust the Republicans to take it to the extreme *sighs*

9th January 2011, 02:19
here's the youtube Video (1of3) of Alex Jones's Jan 7 2011 interview

at 5'50 B Chapman:
'Huahhh, this is going to be shocking .. Ronald Reagan was a homosexual'


Together with some corroborating hearsay of the previous guest (she's still on), together they paint the picture of a presidency in distress .. from the very start.

9th January 2011, 04:31
I find this information interesting. I think the greater point is that it may be credible enough to cause some cognitive dissonance amongst the crowd who would literally like to canonize Reagan.

But I'll admit I totally bought the Ronnie and Nancy love story.

9th January 2011, 14:12
the graphic & somewhat disturbing
& with a taste of the amsterdam dutch bluntness

what can be inferred through mr. Chapman's rather circumvent 'puritan' (giggly) description of the black & white observational picture documented 'evidence' is this:

a female clad in dark rubber or black leather (you know: dominatrix .. you dog)
strapped with an erect dildo contraption around her loins
systematically and rhythmically arousing Reagan with this contraption in his manhole

doggie style

and, this
dear, Sirs, does not constitute an act of homosexuality
but, following western biblical Apostology,

mr. Reagan defines himself here,

a Sodomite

as in the biblical sense, as in, the belief system of mr. Reagan's followers

9th January 2011, 14:17
It's for posts like that that we really need a "wtf" button...

9th January 2011, 14:24
It's for posts like that that we really need a "wtf" button...

:) I totally agree SK