View Full Version : How can we improve on public to politician seminars?

Peace of Mind
13th April 2010, 18:18
There should be a better way for people to organize a sit down with politicians to hash out our differences in governing. Something like a “Peoples Fund” will allow people from various communities (along with their congressman) to attend said events. The congressman and his/her community will work out who goes to these events…be it house wife, student, laborer, small family business owners, homeless guy on corner, thug and vigilantes’…anyone who haves something to say.

Travel and possibly temporary housing (hotel) for events is paid for by the fund. These events should be on an annual basis so the bosses (the people) can ask serious questions about chem. trails, terrorism, history, astronomy, economy, healthcare and so on.

Sounds familiar? yeah, I know. But, how well is the current opportunities working?

I know seminars already exist, but they are mainly for campaigning the politician’s agenda, plus they’re controlled in such a way to discourage people from asking the important questions.
In short…I’m talking about a more involved cooperation between the people of the planet.

We grumble too damn much, we should have the courage and means to hold our leaders accountable…not just sitting back amongst peers complaining about the injustices.

There are too many people who are not in touch with politics but have valuable opinions and ideas to contribute, but, without the means…their voices are often unheard.

Pro-active communities imply better governing.

Internet seminars will also be great…

I don’t really know where to go with this idea…but I’m positive if the people had a TRUE stage to express how their tax money should be spent, and what wars to carry out, and what direction mankind should take…we will have little to no problems.

Any suggestions?