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1st September 2019, 11:31
In case somebody didn't know about this, or thought it paranoid fantasy... or in case someone suspects someone on a message board of being one... the US govt does hire people called "professional influencers"


1st September 2019, 12:08
This program is marketing for Navy Recruitment. Some extracts:

“They are consuming a large amount of video content digitally online, mostly through their smartphones. So we had to adapt and provide our content to the audience really where they live,” said Capt. Matt Boren, director of marketing and advertising for Navy Recruiting Command.

“So it was a natural collaboration for us to try to find those creators that we think would work well with sailors, so we can show that we’re relatable and to help perhaps reach a new audience to show what a day in the life of a sailor is. And just to try to, maybe demystify, some of the things we do.”

In one video, YouTuber Kevin Lieber, known as VSauce2, deconstructs the algorithms used in the board game “Battleship." Lieber, who has 4.1 million followers, played the game with a submariner aboard the attack submarine USS Pasadena. As they played, Lieber explained mathematical probabilities.


But while the initial view counts are impressive, Boren said the ultimate goal is to entice people ages 17 to 24 to consider the Navy as a career option.
“It’s trying to relate to an audience that’s very unfamiliar with the Navy, or even opportunities in the military, just so they can maybe pique the curiosity and maybe encourage them to look into it a little more,” he said. “And if we’ve reached an audience that we otherwise wouldn’t have, that’s that’s kind of a success measure for us.”

1st September 2019, 20:43
This program is marketing for Navy Recruitment.
And that's the only reason the story is in the mainstream news. I doubt the US deep state advertises their troll farms any more than Russia did.