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10th January 2011, 10:37
This is weird folks, and Lucas from 'Rabbit hole' has a point!!

We have no real explanation with this, needs to explored further.

Why Are the Fish and Birds Only Dying In Western Friendly Nations?
LUCUS 01/09/2011 3:41PM CST

There is something strange going on and the pun is fully intended when I say that something smells fishy.

Birds dying by the thousands, tons and tons of dead fish washing up on the shores, strange unexplained missile launches...what's it all mean?

So, as the list of nations grows that have been affected by this phenomenon a certain pattern emerges. Notice it?

There have been no bird and fish kills in Russia and only a small kill of Eagles in China? Eagles...really? The Eagle is a symbol of the United States, the country that seems to be sustaining the biggest hit. How symbolic that only Eagles would fall in China.

Here is a Google map that lays out the bird/fish kills. Notice a lack of activity in China and Russia? Notice how America seems to be getting slammed? How about the fact that all the countries that seem to be affected are Western friendly?


full read here...

I wonder if Bill has any news on this??


10th January 2011, 11:54
Africa as well is not affected.

good post..thought provoking.

Thank you.

10th January 2011, 12:03
If the recent blizzard in the eastern US was caused by HARRP (?), that might be related to the concentration in that part of the country.

10th January 2011, 12:48
I can see Australia marked twice on that map.

I have not heard of any mass-animal deaths here. Nor is it listed on that website's list of country's that has been hit.

*scratches head in confuzion*

10th January 2011, 12:59
Remember all this depends on the level of reporting in each nation. It's quite possible that similar events have gone unnoticed or even be suppressed in the other countries.

10th January 2011, 13:04
Western diseases like diabetes came to mind...

I know, i know, totally unlogical........

10th January 2011, 13:42
Unfortunately, they are not, the short-tailed Albatross, red billed tropic and Horned and little Grebe’s are dying off in China by the droves, but of course China loves to ignore and deny issues with its own ecology, as it’s viewed as a sign of weakness. There are other Swift’s and Rollers that died only a few days ago about 2000 of them in Jinshi, in the province of Hunan.

10th January 2011, 13:45
Just because it is not on a google map does not mean its not happening. You have to dig deeper than that. What is mainstream news here will most likely not make the news in China or Russia, and many other places as well.

10th January 2011, 16:11
I do not like thinking this, but after some reading up on the earthquake swarms that are happening now, could it be the New Madrid fault getting ready to go? There must be gases & such being pre-released prior to a big one. I am feeling these deaths are being caused by a precursor to the big quake. Hoping I am wrong, but if you google this fault, it does not look good. My humble opinion of course.


11th January 2011, 10:46
Update... still scratching my head on this one!!

UPDATE 6 – January 10, 2011


Something strange is happening in the world. First they (the authorities) claimed it was the cold which was killing the birds and the fish but now it’s happening all around the world, in hot places too. So it’s not the cold which is killing these animals.

It’s not pollution either, such as poisoned water or something in the air because it would have been detected by now and besides it’s happening everywhere in the world. It’s simply not possible that the entire world would suddenly turn poisonous. So what’s really happening here? No one really knows yet but everyone is speculating and creating theories of their own.


Mysterious killing of fish in coastal


Update 1 – 10,000s of Birds found dead in Manitoba

Update 1 – Dead Birds and Fish reported in St. Clair River, Ontario

Update 1 – Goldstream River, at Goldstream Provincial Park, Victoria mysteriously turns bright green

Update 6 – Canadian farmer finds flock of dead birds in St.-Augustin-de-Desmaures, west of Quebec City


Thousands of Birds fall from the sky in South America


Eagles and Birds are falling from the sky in China


Mysterious fish kill prompts ban


Thousands of Doves are Dying

Update 3 – Birds Dying In Italy: Thousands Of Turtle Doves Fall Dead From Sky

Update 5 – Overeating and indigestion blamed for 1,000 turtle doves falling dead in Italy with strange blue stain on their beaks


Japan on alert after finding dead birds

New Zealand

Hundreds of snapper dead on beaches

Update 2 – Penguins, petrels and other seabirds, mass deaths


Update 2 – Residents gather, eat dead fish floating in barangay Ibo

South Korea

Dead Teal Ducks With Bird Flu Strain Found In South Korea

South Africa

Mystery of dead birds on Cape roads


50 birds were found dead

Hundreds of dead birds found in the middle of the road in Sweden


Update 6 – Bird deaths in U.S., Sweden, Britian, Thailand, Brazil and beyond

United Kingdom

Dead fish discovered in canal marina near Abergavenny

Update 1 – 40,000 ‘devil’ crabs found dead on the beach


Update 2 – Tonnes of farm fish found dead

United States of America


Nearly 3000 Dead Birds Fall From Arkansas Sky

First Birds Fall, Now 100000 Fish Dead in Arkansas

Update 4 – Not Just Birds and Fish but People Dropping Like Flies


Thousands Of Fish Dead In Spruce Creek


Dead Birds Reported by Residents in Southern Illinois


Update 1 – Dead birds found in Kentucky, Sweden, as crabs wash up on U.K. shores in latest mass animal deaths


Mass La. bird deaths puzzle investigators

Dead Birds Fall From Sky AGAIN In Louisiana, 300 Miles From Arkansas Incident Days Earlier


2 Million fish die in Chesapeake Bay, Maryland


Update 1 – Hundreds of Dead Fish Appear In Lincoln Park

North Carolina

Dead pelican count escalates in Topsail Beach

Update 1: Reward offered for information on what’s causing dead pelicans at Topsail Beach


Update 3 – Flock Of Birds Found Dead In Wilson County


Update 1 – Now East Texas also reports hundreds of dead birds

Update 1 – Experts in Texas are weighing in after large amounts of dead birds were reportedly found across the Country and around the World

Full read here...


11th January 2011, 11:03
Remember all this depends on the level of reporting in each nation. It's quite possible that similar events have gone unnoticed or even be suppressed in the other countries.

Yes that's quite right and there is definetely something connecting these events. Of that I am sure

11th January 2011, 13:00
I have heard very recently from a personal conversation that this could possibly be a sign that the biosphere is beginning to die.

Regardless of this rather dreary news, we need to stay up and beyond what we hear. This does not mean that we are at the end. :hug: