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10th December 2019, 15:43
DR Paul Craig Roberts posted today/
If There Is No Global Warming from Whatever the Cause, What Is the Explanation for the Decline of Fisheries and Death of Sea Birds?


I asked my friend Dr Ron P, PHD in chemical science, who is trying to help me think clearly , what his thoughts were on it?

His reply is below.

"With the election year upon us, you are going to see lots of fake news. Examine the longer term issue": https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Collapse_of_the_Atlantic_northwest_cod_fishery


I know so many people so tied to their beliefs about what this or that is. Its so deep that their ego identity is dependent on it. I have a friend out there so tied to the global warming mission that she will not even look at anything alt to it.
We all need to slow down and hit the reset button on our thinking.
What we know, versus what we believe is important to understand. Im certainly trying.

Happy Holidays to all, and strap on the seat belt for this years holiday dinner conversation

10th December 2019, 23:20
I think one important set of data that can not be put aside this discussion, is plancton records (https://gulfwatchalaska.org/monitoring/environmental-drivers/continuous-plankton-recorder/)

follow an excerpt to understand the issue. I did not post the graph here because (PNG img) fits "too Big", so please, click link to see more.

The higher abundance of rod-shaped phytoplankton may indicate that this long, thin growth form with its high surface-to-volume ratio was favored under conditions of low nutrient availability in ocean surface waters. The high numbers of small copepods are an indication that the warm winter and spring water temperatures could have triggered reproduction earlier in the season than usual and allowed for multiple generations, thus high productivity, throughout the season.

These changes in the plankton community may have affected the growth and survival of animals at higher levels in the food web in a variety of ways. Rod-shaped diatoms could have had a different nutritional value than the centric-shaped phytoplankton. In addition, even though small copepods were numerous, they would be available to predators for a shorter amount of time compared to larger copepods that store energy-rich lipids necessary for overwintering.

11th December 2019, 10:57
Rogparan / thanks for the article. this certainly shouldn't be ignored. amazing the chain of events from the smallest of living things. many factors need be evaluated and conclusions need to be held at bay.