View Full Version : Our Milky Way_consuming neighbor !

14th January 2011, 00:40
Hi All Avalonians, Guests,

Tonight, I came upon this interesting scientific discovery published in the Astrophysical Journal. Our Milky Way is somehow syphoning the Dwarf Sagittarius Galaxy, awsome!

"The study published in the Astrophysical Journal, is the first to map the full extent of the Sagittarius galaxy and show in visually vivid detail how its debris wraps around and passes through our Milky Way. Sagittarius is 10,000 times smaller in mass than the Milky Way, so it is getting stretched out, torn apart and gobbled up by the bigger Milky Way".

Link: http://viewzone2.com/milkywayx.html

What will this bring in to our Solar System and particularly our own Planet Earth...? The Illuminati, the Financial World don't have any power over this!

All my blessings.