View Full Version : Angry Progressive Coalition to Protest Billionaire Gathering Hosted by Koch Brothers,

17th January 2011, 12:44
From Alternet

" Progressives are planning a huge event to raise awareness about the Kochs and their billionaire cronies, and peacefully marching to give an alternative to their hard-right agenda."

Remainder of article can be found at

http://www.alternet.org/story/149546/angry_progressive_coalition_to_protest_billionaire _gathering_hosted_by_koch_brothers%2C_major_tea_pa rty_funders

Lost Soul
19th January 2011, 00:37
Where I come from, the progressives are nothing but a bunch of left wing control freaks. They want to tell us we can't have toys in our Happy Meals, plastic garbage bags, styro-foam for take-out, to haul our garbage cans in before night fall or be fined, can't chop down a tree, and other nanny-state minded measures. In the end, they will achieve the same goal as the right wing facist: control over the individual. I dislike both the left and the right as they both lead us down the same path to facism.