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Peace of Mind
18th January 2011, 17:11
Hi guys,

I donít really know where to put this, or if I should even post it. If this is not something that belongs hereÖI understand if it is deleted.

I was wondering if anyone here was experiencing, or have been seeing people fainting recently.

A few months ago I was sitting on the train (on my way to work) and a young lady (maybe teenager) suddenly collapsed to her knees and fell asleep for a few seconds, I, and a few others helped her up and sat her in an empty seat. She woke up and started crying saying she didnít know what happened.

A week or so later I was walking towards my car and a woman walking a few feet ahead of me collapsed while she was talking on her cell phone. Several people helped her up and took her into a store to sit down, an ambulance was called.

Today I was standing on the train reading the morning news and a lady that was standing next to me fainted and leaned into me. I had to drop my paper and hold her up. Another lady assisted me in putting her in a seat. She woke up embarrassed and confusedÖI got off at the next stop and went to work.

I hardly watch TV anymore, or go out in public unless itís for supplies and business. I was just wondering what the people of Avalon think about this. Maybe these were just coincidences, but never have Iíve seen this happen so randomly, and in such a short span of time. Is there some sought of sickness going around that I'm unaware of. I also know a lot of people have been complaining about stomach pains lately tooÖ.

Anyone else witnessing any of this, what could it mean?


18th January 2011, 23:03
Righteo Peace of Mind, perhaps its you?????

Lost Soul
18th January 2011, 23:45
The women are swooning in your presence. You're hot and never knew it.

O.K., more seriously, knees locked back? That will cause anyone to faint. Blood sugar level? Blood pressure? Dehydrated? I think all these things can contribute to fainting. On the tin foil/conspiracy side, thought control beams?

18th January 2011, 23:53
Swine flu is known to induce fainting, but to be honest after having it myself it's unlikely the person will be active - it's like regular flu with amplified symptoms.