View Full Version : The Smolensk crash official briefing on polish TV

18th January 2011, 20:14
Poland has shown today on tv 2 hours of transcript plus some recordings from the airplane that crashed in Smolensk last year . As they said they dont want to blame anybody , from what i have seen it is very clear and was mentioned many times that the russians on ground put the plane on a path 80 metres from the appropriate one, this occured maybe by their mistake or ...... Never the less the commity did not blame neither the pilots nor the russians crew on the ground. In Poland you can observe 2 politacals fractions one called "PIS" which blames the russian side and the other called "PO" which is occused by pis that they like the russians and keep with them. Today in Poland came the occusation from Pis to PO arguing why they did not show all the tapes for such a long time. Generally speaking its a very bad climate