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21st January 2011, 05:30
Greetings, All! ^^

I'm new here, and so if this post doesn't belong here, I apologize. Nice moderators, please see fit to move this if need be.

I wanted to post this in the ETs forum, but it would seem the newness of my membership restricts me from replying to those sections just yet. I did want to share an interesting experience with all of you, and see what you thought.

I'll briefly introduce myself: My name is Carol, and I'm a singer (mostly) and a very curious cat. I also consider myself a "sensitive" as opposed to psychic, and have been prone to having very vivid and lucid dreams since early childhood, as well as OOBEs. I have a sister as well, very close, and also sensitive.

I've had an increased influx of lucid dreams in the past couple years, but especially last year.

During an incredibly windy night in early December, I had the most incredible dream! A lucid dream, and one where I felt as if I had "gone" somewhere else besides Earth. I was in a massive room, in a high-rise, overlooking what could have been Los Angeles (or a similar looking city) at around dusk. The room took up the whole floor, and we were high up. I could see this, because the massive wall to my left and in front of me in the dream was made of glass.

There were many people, all gathered as if it were some kind of mercantile convention and moving about and around me as I stood there.

I was transfixed by what I saw coming around the corner, outside of this building I was in. A strange and isolated lightning storm was approaching and rounding the corner! I was trying to point and yell for anyone to pay attention to this dark cloud that flashed strangely and came closer. As it did, however, I could see that it wasn't a cloud at all. I saw it right next to me, larger than the massive window-wall. The lights were like flashing LEDs on the surface of a silver disc-shaped craft - rolling around the corner and toward me while it was on its side. It was so close, I saw it generating it's own cloud or mist all around it, and just saw the lights every once in a while through that mist.

I was so overwhelmed by the sight, I became preoccupied in the dream to find something to write down what I was witnessing. After a long time doing this, I gave up and just announced to anyone who would listen, "Can I just meet one of them?"

Before I knew it, I was being led by some entity that I could not see (intuitively led, I suppose) all the way around, and through, and up and down, into a back room. Dimly lit, the room was set up as a projection room. In this room were many people, seated in rows, and watching the flickering screen. I didn't see what they were looking at. My focus came suddenly to the back of the room where several androgynous beings (nude, no genitalia) were huddled together in the corner, about a half a dozen or so.

One of these beings was seated separately at a table in the back of the room. Dark, short hair. Intuitively, I felt beckoned to sit next to him, and I did. He immediately began his litany without any introduction - or maybe that was the introduction. Ticking off names on each of his five fingers, he told the several names his kind were called. As he spoke, I was instantly overwhelmed by his . . . intense "niceness". Every sound was produced with a feeling of love.

He told me five names, and I can recall only one now - The Nine Angels of God. This was the very last, and least important, label because he said it as if it were an after-thought, with a wave of his hand, "We may also be called The Nine Angels of God." Perhaps given for reference, but not actually any importance.

The dream proceeded to end, by only after I woke up within the dream, and within another dream. This dream experience had 3 "wake-ups" - dreams within dreams.

I can say I have never had a triple-layered dream within a dream, and this is my very first (and so far only) UFO/ET dream. ET isn't right though. If this dream were slightly more than "just a dream", perhaps the beings were actually inter-dimensional?

I leave now, and remain curious as to others' thoughts and/or experiences like this.

21st January 2011, 07:33
I too have the "sensing" ability and have since I was young. I also have had similar experiences such as you have, including alien dreams. However, my e.t. dreams were more of what I have read concerning recent technology. These dreams have started back in 2000 before I even knew such ever exsisted. My dreams consist of me trying to save people from boarding e.t. crafts. In every dream telepathy was used. Not so much as using words, but more about using feelings. The e.t.'s were herding people on to space craft and I wasn't able to save anyone, they couldn't 'hear' me. One of my last dreams was about people being herded onto an elevator with the e.t.'s 'summoning' humans in a 'rational' manner. The e.t.'s were looking at me (they were a little taller than everyone else and were dressed in Armani type suits). People were just filing into the elevator like they had to be somewhere and then the e.t.'s looked at me; I tried to say something, they smiled and hit the down button. In a few seconds, the door began to close, I witnessed the elevator fall, the people looked as if they just woke up and then body parts started flying back up from the elevator shaft.
As I see it, you and I are 'waking' up to a truth that others around us in our daily lives are choosing to be blind of. This truth is what is keeping me grounded, a sort of 'non-lemming' mentality. I hope you have positive dreams and are able to keep a dream log (if you don't have one already). Perhaps you will find a commonality which will continue to help you on your journey.