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23rd January 2011, 04:42
I have read all of Stuart Wilde's books, and he has taught me many things.

Recently I feel the idea of "redemption" / "begging for forgiveness" - has tainted SW's philosophy a tiny bit, diverging from the hero-based / warrior-sage philosophy of old.

I do however feel that overall SW is a deep spiritual person who has many interesting insights to share.

What are your thoughts and feelings on Stuart Wilde?

23rd January 2011, 05:26
I have read all of Stuart's books and listened to his tapes. I think most of his views are spot-on and he has a very likeable down-to-earth approach to spirituality. His books are a valuable read.

24th January 2011, 17:49
I really like him as well. Good speaking voice too. Very informative and entertaining. Great books.

24th January 2011, 17:53
i found it quite interesting that the dimensional shifting that Stuart is teaching -- in one of his newsletters, he commented that only those who did not eat dead animals were able to learn to do the shifting

i've read only 'God's Gladiators,' which i liked enough to read again recently