View Full Version : Pneumonia vaccine 'to save thousands of lives'

24th January 2011, 10:03
A new vaccine against pneumonia is being rolled out in Africa which estimates suggest could save more than half a million lives a year globally.

The Gavi Alliance, a global health partnership of public and private sectors for immunisation, says 19 countries will get the jab at first.
Kenyan children have begun receiving it and Sierra Leone, Yemen, Honduras and Guyana will follow this year.

Infants in Nicaragua also started receiving the vaccine a few weeks ago.
Many more countries could benefit if the funding becomes available.
Gavi says it needs an extra 500m ($800m) annually for the next five years to meet a shortfall in immunisation for existing and new vaccines.


IRISH: Or, perhaps another attempt at population control. It is the way the Media portray this as the next best thing, when really, it is full of living shorting materials. I also love the way that they are targeting Africa yet again, one day these people will be left in peace to get on with their lives, grown their crops and control their own reality, without these Bastds goin g after them time and time again!

24th January 2011, 17:37
I saw a documentary years ago about vaccines in Africa. In the small villages women would run screaming, "here come the baby killers" when western doctors visited with their little black bags full of vaccines. True enough, the vaccine carried a "mistake" that sterilized the women who received it. These women KNEW inately that they were being poisoned!

A new vaccine to help thousands, while risking millions. The cost/benefit analysis seems to say, avoid vacccines.