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24th January 2011, 22:23
Hi All,

I'm new to the forum and do not yet have the authorization to create a new thread so I am posting this here with the hope a moderator will move it as appropriate.

I was wondering if there has been any discussion about Andrew Maguire and the manipulation of the precious metals market by JP Morgan Chase? The potential impact of this manipulation has been described by some as the largest financial fraud in human history and has the potential of collapsing the economy of the US.

This website gives a great overview of the issue:


Here is a very good series of youtube videos that describe what is going on with this silver fraud and the impact on China. It seems the authors of the videos wanted to appeal to the lowest common denominator so they include bathroom humor, please ignore that - the content is worth it.



25th January 2011, 06:51
Hi Vangelo, all the big boys manipulate it.......... You can see them doing it

29th January 2011, 11:09
Hi Vangelo,
Thx for your post
Yes I am fully aware of the manipulation of the Silver market.
Have read pages and pages of Financial reports ,since it fascinates me how the whole system works ie.where does money come from.
I have learn t so much in the last few years and can consider myself reasonably well informed .
As I said the JPmorgue is involved in the manipulation of Silver through shorting it on the Comex and SLV,partly by default( they inherited a massive shorts portfolio from Bears Stearn ) On further investigations We discover that the Chinese are behind the whole thing since they are in control of most of the derivatives connected to all the Short positions in the market
Chinese are keen to be part of this manipulation since it gives them an opportunity to acquire physical Silver at a massive discount (doing this in all sorts of ways ,like buying Euro debt at heavy discount with UST bonds and then finding a back door way to exchange these and convert into physical Gold and silver.
Its fascinating to find these things out and very interesting indeed
Soon the Chinese will start their massive campaign to "help" the US banks out with massive buyouts of the banks and other assets .They own most of the US through debt as it is ,they call the shots
I believe the US is headed for Third world status and go bankrupt or default on their debt In Total a staggering 202 Trillion $ including unfunded liabilities .
N government in this world can remotely get them selves out of a mess like that .
The Us is going to collapse financially and will take a hell of a lot of Countries down with them .
Back to the Silver manipulation ,when the Chinese are satisfied they own as much silver as they can get their hands on ,then they will decide to let the real price of silver correct itself and they will be sitting on a massive reserve in value
At the moment they are stockpiling as much as they can.
This particular market is set to boom like no other boom ever seen in our lives.
So if you are thinking of buying some precious metals now is definitely the time while it is still being manipulated down
The day will come when the massive fraud by JP Morgue will come to light.The Chinese are playing it safe and are quite willing to play along.
Regards Tiger888

Lost Soul
30th January 2011, 18:27
JP Morgan being caught with its hands manipulating silver is old news. Late last year I read that they've disbanded their precious metals staff. However, the manipulation of precious metals is still going on. Use it in your favor. Buy now so when the dollar crashes, you won't be broke.