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17th April 2010, 05:51
The earth is likely hollow


and the sun is cool


5mins and 6sces in.

And these aren’t new ideas.


Ignore this if you've already heard.

Victoria Tintagel
18th April 2010, 21:42
Hallo Teakai, yes, this theory has my attention too, I receive monthly newsletters from Brook Agnew, the man who organises a journey to the Northpole, by boat.
There's an interesting ebook called The Smokey God, a ship-journal by a Scandinavian man. It's a report from a journey to the inner earth. Just email me and I send it to you if you want.
My email address is in my profile, kind regards, Marian.

18th April 2010, 23:52
Thanks Teakai for posting the interview with George Noory. I have been hearing and reading about ancient cultures within our earth for a few years. Mt. Shasta is a great place to begin to investigate these ancient cultures. The Taylor's book, The Land of No Horizon is definitely on my list.

We have so much to learn about our own Mother Earth and our universe.

Edit: I just checked Amazon and they carry this book. It ships from the U.S.

19th April 2010, 05:32
Thanks for the info about the ancient cultures Snowbird. I've googled Mt. Shasta to have a read through.

I don't quite know how much info the Land of No Horizons book will offer up. From the radio interview I rather got the idea that it was a lot of theorising that made sense, but no actual experience.

If anybody has read it, I'd really welcome an opinion it it.