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25th January 2011, 13:28
Out of no where, for no apparent reason, the Presence... and it envelopes, and causes one to stop everything and marvel.

A real presence that in its manifestation, effects all of the physical senses.


A warmth, a hug from invisible 'arms'.

In the very center of America, at 1 AM in the morning, a Presence.

(I KNOW who you are, I have felt you a few times in my life. I am the opposite of embarrassed or ashamed.)

We are so close.

25th January 2011, 14:03
Atticus, in a long post to celine yesterday, wrote about how technology helps in the process. By process I mean specifically that it is a tool that is used to 'transfer information', to those of us who ask for it.

Think, "Ask and you shall receive", but go a step further.

I've been using the internet as a tool, one of a few, in my search for truth (don't especially like that WORD, for truth is subjective).

In my case, as in the case of most people, we don't even know what it is we're looking for, and that is why the technology of the internet can be so useful.

A true story (if I may share)-

About 3 years ago, as I was perusing the net, quite aimlessly, a page appeared out of no where. Literally. It had no http as I could see. It was a simple document consisting of 4 pages. It seemed to have been written using some basic writing tool, wordpad or microsoft word.

The title.......??? GET THIS.......!

"Are You Ready?

Hmmm, I think to myself. This is a bit odd, but what the heck, there have been a lot of ODD things happening...

So I read through this document, and it is all about 'them'. Who they are, why they are here.....but the most interesting line, about 3/4rds of the way through, was this statement (sorry for paraphrasing)...

"If you understand what you're being told here, and you want us to reveal ourselves to you, we will, if you just ask." And then, in big bold letters, "ARE YOU READY?

As I was reading through the pages, it was like I was in a time-warp, of sorts. I could FEEL what I was being told.

When I read those bold words, I could've screamed my answer from the rooftops, for I felt it so strongly!

(Instead of climbing on top of my roof, I instead said out loud, "Yes, I am ready". I felt it to the core of my being.)

That very night, I had a very profound experience. They kept their word.

25th January 2011, 15:10
Have "they" revealed themselves to you? Share. Maybe your story can assist others.