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Vidya Moksha
18th April 2010, 01:48
Taken from this site:

heres a few:



18th April 2010, 01:56
Thank you VM,

magnificant pics...

18th April 2010, 02:14
Outstanding photos.

Vidya Moksha
18th April 2010, 05:09
Mřrdalsj÷kull - earthquakes during the last 48 hours

Get ready for decades of Icelandic fireworks

18th April 2010, 09:01
wow they are breathtakingly beautiful! thanks vidya, the photographer has really captured the awsome power and raw energy of the volcano
i just hope that folk in iceland are safe
love m

18th April 2010, 09:39

Get ready for decades of Icelandic fireworks


18th April 2010, 09:41
impressive pics...thanks

18th April 2010, 12:07
Awesome pictures! Thankl you very much for sharing!

18th April 2010, 12:20
More photos in the link, scroll down......

18th April 2010, 17:25
awsome pictures tthanks for share
makes you really respect the awsome power of valcanos

18th April 2010, 18:26
Wow,:clap2: really powerful pictures, Thank you great post :yo:

Jacqui D
18th April 2010, 18:27
Thanks Vidya and swami for those photos, wow it really brings it home to you seeing these, i hope they got those poor horses out of the way in time of that dust cloud. And possible further volcanos in the future hm!! that's not good. What next you have to ask yourself you just seem to waiting for the next thing to come along sigh!

Vidya Moksha
19th April 2010, 07:13
and the plume has been mapped in GIS and can be seen animated here:


19th April 2010, 07:31
More info on Iceland's vulcano to be found here (http://www.metoffice.gov.uk/corporate/pressoffice/2010/volcano/gallery.html)......:cool:

Victoria Tintagel
19th April 2010, 09:07
Thanks for these impressive pictures! Yesterday, in Holland, we had a clear blue sky, without traces of planes, very nice! And quiet too! This eruption reminds us of the basic qualities of life and wellness. To be able to improvise and be creative, stepping out of the box under pressure (of lava, ha ha......). The 250 million costs of economic loss is just reported on the news, now, by the aviation business. More then the costs of 9:11, they say. As if that's so important! Yes, to them it is, actually, but what an hilarious statement! From my heart's viewpoint, anyway! Know what I mean?

20th April 2010, 17:19
The not so beautiful!!:eek:

The 'face' of the volcano captured in an aerial picture by the Icelandic Coastguard


Source (http://news.sky.com/skynews/Home/UK-News/Volcano-Ash-Cloud-Flight-Restrictions-Will-Continue-Nats-Warns-After-Iceland-Eruption/Article/201004315604129?lid=ARTICLE_15604129_VolcanoAshClo udFlightRestrictionsWillContinue,NatsWarnsAfterIce landEruption&lpos=searchresults)

Humble Janitor
21st April 2010, 07:07
Perhaps these volcanoes are also a sign that we spend way too much time in the air and not enough time with each other. Perhaps people will re-think their need to fly and find other forms of transportation?

16th May 2010, 14:37
pretty decent video of the volcano on May 1 + 2


noxon medem
8th June 2010, 07:56
Nice thread, or maybe say topic, or something else, like baseline or subject..., for reading, watching and posting.
( meaning, I am not totally comfortable with the word thread, (the sound), for describing "topics" of the forum )
Awesome pictures, by the way, What magnificent forces at play !
Thanks for beautiful and powerful video from the landscapes around the volcanic eruption on Eyjafjelluj°kul.






Here in Norway we were in direction of the ashesclouds for some time, and it became a common social topic.
Also in news-discussionforums and internett-societies it was much talked about, and here is a quote from a
discussion on the best joke or spoof en the theme of the vulcanoeruption, the dustcloud and its results :
" The Islandic economy is dead, and its last wish was that the ashes should be spread over Europe "