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28th January 2011, 20:34
Hi Everyone,

It looks like Philip Brennan and I have something in common, our regard for liars.

Sorcha Faal aka David Booth took a trouncing on the Philip Brennan website. Faal taking the trouncing is nothing new in my books, but Brennan goes on to explain why.

What Brennan says is basic common sense and should be used on ANY so called whistleblower or insider. Many of them use the same tactics that lead the unaware and gullible on. Don't be one of them.

In his article he breaks down a Faal article and shows you the tricks of the trade that many charlatans use when they write.


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28th January 2011, 20:48
so Sorcha Faal is not who she/he says he/she is

and .. ?

29th January 2011, 00:08
They all get outed in the end. Pickering Brothers, Cliff High, Such-a-fail, I know who my money is on next.

29th January 2011, 00:26
this would be a good "sticky",

29th January 2011, 01:34
I've always very much appreciated the effort Sorcha Faal puts in it's (their) reports.

One time, when fundraising, they mentioned the subscriptions on intelligence reports they have.
They pay thousands a month on subscriptions, of think tanks, defense related, intelligence related, etc, that paint the context of their reports.

Then again, there is this super duper weird and different look at fact finding where Sorcha Faal c.s. is known for and is more then entertaining, it's again and again amazing, how they connect the dots.
Any dots.
The weirder the dots the better.
It's an exercise in intelligence reporting, the Theosophic way.
And there's only 1, and that is Sorcha Faal.

His/Her/Their interpretations start off the chart, crawling their way back to somewhat of reason, very much opposite of the macho military mumbo jumbo of the 'competition',
it's the Shambhala of intelligence reporting.

Come on boys, compare Sorcha Faal with Wikileaks.

Wikileaks, facts, facts, facts .. clean job .. boring.

Of course I realize, that apparently the server of Sorcha Faal publications can be traced to Langley VA., is what I heard.

So thank you .. Russia Desk of the NSA or whatever ABC,
for this window on how the USA military (and a couple of ex-KGB?) with some hard work, and
definitely with tons more talent than your run of the mill CIA chill, chose to operate this asset,

and hand us crumbs of info, some true, some not.

And not too hard to distinguish, and always hilarious, mt