View Full Version : World Passport \ citizenship - does anyone have one, or know anyone with one?

30th January 2011, 05:59
ive read a little about this, and considering the subject matter within this forum and around other places on the internet, i want to know if anyone here or if anyone you know has a world passport? if they resulted in being problematic in some way?

as you might see from a couple of my other posts im currently questioning subjects relating to soverignty and the illusions governments place upon "people".

my passport is up for renewal in about 3 months, and i would like to make as informed a choice of future travel document as possible.

i visited the website of the world government of world citizens
wikipedia - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/World_Passport

the pricing is quite similar to a passport issued here in ireland.

however a choice must be made as i am living in ireland and have plans for moving to japan permenantly. to travel there i will of course need a valid type of ID (on the site they say this passport is recognised there). my wife is japanese and anytime we visit i can get very speedily through the passport control (they have our data linked).

having learned what i have so far about the tricks governments are playing and enslaving the nations in debt, to which i consent to no part of, i must act more conciously than i would have in the past.

what say you good spirits?

as a small discalimer:

i am not for any form of tryranny over others, i am as peaceful a guy as you will ever meet.
i have no political alliances. i am not representing anything or anyone except myself.

i do recognise the philosophical and etherial debates this post might raise. its more of a practical bit of information im looking for.

we all are one, until we decide to cross "borders". :whistle:

30th January 2011, 07:11
Hi Kenkyushiryo - I have never heard of it to be honest.........my only concern if we go down this road, would be that this may be part of the new world order - in that we loose our national & cultural identies!! But if its a citizen of the planet for the right reasons - excellent. If its for the later I doubt that its sanctioned by any country which would query its validity. I am sure you have thought of all this anyway.

Why would DC want this stuff do you think???
"WSA requests travellers to send photocopies of visa/entry stamps to the Washington, DC office for our records." http://www.worldservice.org/visas.html

It does have some very good people behind it tho - http://www.worldservice.org/commissions.html?s=3
World Government Commissions

World Communications Commission, Bruce L. Erickson, Coordinator (http://www.worldservice.org/commissions.html?s=3#be)
World Cybernetics Commission, Michael Ben-Eli, Coordinator (http://www.worldservice.org/commissions.html?s=3#cyber)
World Design-Science Commission, William Perk, Coordinator (http://www.worldservice.org/commissions.html?s=3#wp)
World Disarmament Commission, Gideon Spiro, Coordinator (http://www.worldservice.org/commissions.html?s=3#gs)
World Economics Commission, Shann Turnbull, Coordinator (http://www.worldservice.org/commissions.html?s=3#st)
World Education Commission, Nancy Yeilding, Coordinator (http://www.worldservice.org/commissions.html?s=3#ny)
World Election Commission, Douglas Nixon Everingham, Coordinator (http://www.worldservice.org/commissions.html?s=3#dn)
World Energy Commission, Peter Meisen, Coordinator (http://www.worldservice.org/commissions.html?s=3#pm)
World Environment Commission, Dr. James Lovelock, Coordinator (http://www.worldservice.org/commissions.html?s=3#jl)
World Film Commission, Arthur Kanegis, Coordinator (http://www.worldservice.org/commissions.html?s=3#ak)
World Health Commission, Michio Kushi, Coordinator (http://www.worldservice.org/commissions.html?s=3#mk)
World Judicial Commission, Francis Boyle, Coordinator (http://www.worldservice.org/commissions.html?s=3#fb)
World Mundialisation Commission, Peter Clavelle, Coordinator (http://www.worldservice.org/commissions.html?s=3#pc)
World Planetary Vision Commission, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Coordinator (http://www.worldservice.org/commissions.html?s=3#bh)
World Space Commission, Dr. Carol Sue Rosin, Coordinator (http://www.worldservice.org/commissions.html?s=3#cr)
World Sports Commission, Nathaniel Lincoln Mills, Coordinator (http://www.worldservice.org/commissions.html?s=3#nm)
World Syntegration Commission, David Beatty, Coordinator (http://www.worldservice.org/commissions.html?s=3#db)
World Traditional Medicine Commission, Hon. Prof. Charles McWilliams, Coordinator (http://www.worldservice.org/commissions.html?s=3#cm)
World Womens' Commission, Robin Lloyd, Coordinator; (http://www.worldservice.org/commissions.html?s=3#rl)Tatyana Mamonova, Dep. Coordinator (http://www.worldservice.org/commissions.html?s=3#tv)
World Youth Education Commission, Jagdish Gandhi, Coordinator (http://www.worldservice.org/commissions.html?s=3#jg)
World Government Programs http://www.worldservice.org/programs.html?s=2

Mundialization (http://www.worldservice.org/mund.html) Information on mundialization. The act of declaring your city a member of the global community.

World Syntegrity Project (http://www.worldservice.org/syn.html) An ongoing global conference to explore the vital question: "How can we, as sovereign world citizens, govern our world?"

World Referendum (http://www.worldservice.org/wref.html) The Internet, skillfully applied and judiciously managed, can help serve as the obvious communication tool whereby the citizens of the world can finally vote on common global issues.

World Parliament (http://www.worldservice.org/comingsoon.html)

Hmmm, its gets interesting....