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18th April 2010, 20:11
....does it make any difference anyway...

here's part 1 of 6 of Brian Gerrish's State of the Nation conference...

some interesting points and pretty interesting viewing for anyone who is having difficulties deciding who they should vote in to take supposed control...


take control of your own life and they havent got a leg to stand on imho...

whatever happens..keep smiling, for there are no coincidences


peace always

18th April 2010, 20:21
IMO all three candidates are as bad as each other. It seems very likely that they are going for a hung parliament. For those who want to know more about the ‘new kid on the block’, here’s some info on the guy.


‘Nick Clegg

Nick Clegg is leader of the UK's Liberal Democrat party.

He is spooky.

He supports the war in Afghanistan.

Nick Clegg's mother, Eulalie Hermance van den Wall Bake, is Dutch. (Clegg is posh ...)

Nick Clegg's father is the son of a half-Russian merchant banker.

Nick Clegg's father is in fact chairman of the United Trust Bank, which specialises in financing property developers.

Nick Clegg's father owns a 20-room chalet in the Alps and a chateau near Bordeaux. (Clegg is posh ...)

Nick Clegg's great-great-grandfather was the Russian nobleman Ignaty Zakrevsky.[3]’


Continued Here (http://aangirfan.blogspot.com/2010/04/classic-man-of-people-has-connections.html)

18th April 2010, 21:55
none of them

18th April 2010, 22:18
Vote for yourself they do

Vidya Moksha
19th April 2010, 09:31
Sometimes I vote
For the man in the coat
But I'm dreaming
With community dead
And rat race instead
I'd be dreaming
That I could be heard
In the state of absurd
Really dreaming... whacko...
Right out there
(For good?)

It's high time to fly
In the face of the lie
It is over
To slave for ideals
That have long been ordeals
Must be over
So come on all you men
Don't be conned yet again
Finding out you've got nowt...
Must be over... for good

You know in your heart of hearts
In your vision
In your children
That you've gotta make a new start
In this hour of decision

So fill all the forms in
With misinformation and vanish
Or pass to your children
The code they will need to diminish
The world that you knew
That you brought them into
For the anguish
For the relish
For all of us

19th April 2010, 11:04
all three candidates are in bed with each other. I am going for a well hung parliament.
anyone know anybody with real balls?.......and not ed balls

Vidya Moksha
19th April 2010, 11:08
all three candidates are in bed with each other. I am going for a well hung parliament.
anyone know anybody with real balls?.......and not ed balls

well hung with real balls.... mmmmm beats politics i suppose :p

19th April 2010, 12:03
I havent voted in 40 years, politicians are a bit selective with truth.
I may vote SNP this time -- Scottish National Party.

19th April 2010, 23:01
What would happen if nobody voted - if we showed our total disdain by refusing to go through the motions of electing any one them - took their power away .... wishful thinking perhaps - but what a movement that would be.

20th April 2010, 01:36
I don't think it matters.
You will get who 'they' choose, despite your thinking it's a voted form of government.

20th April 2010, 08:06
double post

20th April 2010, 08:10
You lot have not got a clue , go investigate The Lisbon treaty. 75% of what happens to you comes from the EU. Any future government in this country is mute and have No say on what goes on .Sorry folks you have all been conned AGAIN and AGAIN.

20th April 2010, 08:24
Sorry folks you have all been conned AGAIN and AGAIN.

..i wouldnt say all of us...a lot of people are unfortunately under the impression that the government has the best interests of the people at heart when actually that is not the case...

..you dont really need to investigate that much to be honest...its a case of opening ones eyes and seeing what has been happening for the past 30+ yrs....and more... however this is easier said than done for most people...

keep smiling eh

peace always

20th April 2010, 10:27
You lot have not got a clue , go investigate The Lisbon treaty. 75% of what happens to you comes from the EU. Any future government in this country is mute and have No say on what goes on .Sorry folks you have all been conned AGAIN and AGAIN.

Scanner, I suspect the percentage is much higher than 75%. MPs have absolutely no power and neither have MEPs – they’re just there to give people a false impression that they have a voice – what a joke. They will be dissolving the parliament completely in couple of years time as we are already under dictatorship from EU – they’ve already replaced our common law with civil law which is complete lunacy. This went completely unnoticed when the convenient MP expense scandal was ‘leaked’.

20th April 2010, 11:52

20th April 2010, 17:10


VOTE HAROLD SAXON! Oh wait, he was the Master and a bad guy. Nevermind him. ;)
Bill "the Doctor"

20th April 2010, 17:24



PS look at all 25 posters ~ very funny and true too!!

22nd April 2010, 13:19
http://worldreports.org/news/286_world_revolution_agentur_at_each_others_throat s

Meanwhile observers completely omitted to notice or draw attention to a deliberate clue that the British General Election is CONTROLLED and therefore fraudulent. We refer to the fact that the door into the venue used for the first TV Election ‘Debate’ contained an aperture in the shape of a pentastar – that is to say, the five-pointed star to be seen everywhere in the revolutionary United States and everywhere in the covert revolutionary Soviet Union.

Specifically, the all TV cameras honed in on this polished ‘wooden’ door, making sure that ‘the interested’ need not have missed this ‘if-your-face’ presentation of the CLUE to what is going on. Within the pentastar aperture was a second five-pointed star which formed a glass ‘window’ into the TV venue in Manchester.

Now American observers may not be aware that in the United Kingdom, we don’t DO five-pointed stars. This geomasonic, esoteric revolutionary emblem is NOT USED IN BRITAIN AT ALL.

Yet, all of a sudden, a five-pointed star was deliberately built into the specially constructed door, with its window into the ‘New Order’ being unveiled to the gullible members of the general public in attendance, who thought they were there to hear ‘what the leaders have to say’ and to learn about their policies. Instead, they were dumb witnesses to an empty, controlled, and debilitating charade orchestrated in order to sustain the illusion of ‘democracy’ so as to delude the population into believing that the votes to be cast on 6th May are meaningful: whereas the truth is that the main British political parties are all fully signed up to the same sterile internationalist agenda. "

Run out of time looking for shots of this TV set today - will have to look at Sky News debate tonight. Rupe has stars galore.

Scanner am just pinching myself to make sure I'm sufficiently awake today. Ouch:)

22nd April 2010, 14:40
Sabrina , all you got to do now is pinch the other 59.5billion:ballchain: lol

22nd April 2010, 18:43
Sabrina , all you got to do now is pinch the other 59.5billion:ballchain: lol

Get Cheryl Cole to declare terrorist high alert and economic crash while undertaking liposuction and harmonizing with Susan Boyle under cloud of volcanic dust might get a few of them to look up for just a moment...

22nd April 2010, 19:53
I feel it is a complete waste of time and energy registering and submitting a vote. Though i've always been half-inclined to vote Green Party or Lib Dems, my sleepy awareness of just how and who the system serves makes it clear to see that none of the "choices" are representive of my views, and the ones who come close to them, will never be given the the "airtime". Its a completely contrived situation.

Not so offtopic...
The recent "speech" by the Councillor Adrian Hicks (http://www.councillorhicks.co.uk/) of the LibDems perked my interest in the party somewhat. Though im suspicious of Adrians sincerity after watching the third released video where he describes his encounter with an alien humanoid, with a cheeky smile on his face, how the ET "was walking with a strange gate". Notice thats GATE not GAIT. It came across like it was a big joke to be honest, straight out of MarsAttacks. Anyway you can check out his website through link above... im sure there might be a thread or two existing on him already.[COLOR="red"]

22nd April 2010, 23:09
The vote on May 6th is "The Referendum that you're not allowed to have" The only real vote that protects the democracy of the UK (such as it is)
is for UKIP. Only this will increase liberty and freedom in Britain.
The Tyrannical Coup de Tat that the LIsbon Treaty is hands full power and soverignty of the UK to the unelected Council of Ministers of the EU.
On the front of my car there is one of those large red poppies that you often see on the front vehicles of the overtly patriotic.
Mine is sprayed blue with twelve yellow stars to remind people that the old soldiers who died during WW2 did not sacrifice themselves so that the corrupt politicians
and quangocrats could hand our Birthright to the cronies of a fascist europe based in Brussels the same city where hitler decided his capital should be. Go Figure.
Dont let your WarDead Forebears die in vain Take Power, Save Britain Vote UKIP

22nd April 2010, 23:14
ukip. but really thats just rearaging the deck chairs on the titinic. voting for who will be asking the bankers for money when there isnt any is a bit daft. then of course there is ww3 to consider.. voting seems ........ a distraction from the real preparations we should be making..

23rd April 2010, 01:02
I started work before I officially left school in 78. Within 2 years I was redundant under the Maggie Thatcher government. I spent 2 years on the doll with no help with rent. There was a funding decline in the NHS, education, housing, transport and so on.

I eventually started work and after a few years got a house. Then Maggie sold off the trains, water, gas, oil and telecom. The unions got a good kick in the nads (deservedly in some cases but NOT all) and industry was decimated. Then the mortage interest rate doubled over a year to 15%….thanks again Maggie. Those with a 100+ grand in the bank must have loved the interest returns where as those struggling with mortages were NOT. Meanwhile her son mark-I’m-lost Thatcher picks up a 2 million quid commission deal on a UK sanctioned arms deal (where was my cut mum?). Then my rates (utilities bins, police, fire services etc) doubled….mad Maggie. Crippled by interest rates and poll tax I sold my home. Thankfully the conservative got their ar$e handed to them in one of the biggest electoral swings ever.

Since then Labour ain’t done as bad (see below) as the so called free press makes out. Think I'll be sticking with Labour. Hopefully the peoples commity or lobby or whatever they're calling it, that they are setting up, will give the people a proper say.

1. A rising National Minimum Wage - the annual uprating benefits around 1 million people a year.
2. The shortest waiting times since NHS records began.
3. Three million more operations carried out each year than in 1997, with more than double the number of heart operations.
4. Over 44,000 more doctors.
5. Over 89,000 more nurses
6. Over three quarters of GP practices now offer extended opening hours for at least one evening or weekend session a week.
7. All prescriptions are now free for people being treated for cancer or the effects of cancer, and teenage girls are offered a vaccination against cervical cancer.
8. The NHS can now guarantee that you will see a cancer specialist within two weeks if your GP suspects you may have cancer. Whatever your condition, you will not have to wait more than 18 weeks from GP referral to the start of hospital treatment – and most waits are much shorter than this.
9. Over a 100 new hospital building schemes completed.
10. 12 million pensioners benefiting from increased Winter Fuel Payments.
11. 900,000 pensioners lifted out of poverty.
12. 500,000 children lifted out of relative poverty and measures already being put in place will lift around a further 500,000 children out of poverty.
13. Free TV licences for over-75s.
14. The New Deal has helped over 2.2 million people into work.
15. Over 4.8 million Child Trust Funds have been started.
16. 3,500 Sure Start Children’s Centres opened, reaching over 2.8 million children and their families.
17. Over 42,000 more teachers and 212,000 more support staff, including 123,000 more teaching assistants, than in 1997.
18. There have been around 3,700 rebuilt and significantly refurbished schools; including new and improved classrooms, laboratories and kitchens.
19. A free nursery place for every 3 and 4 year old - extended to 15 hours per week this year and we are beginning to provide 10 hours a week to the most deprived 2 year olds.
20. Doubled the number of registered childcare places to more than 1.3 million, one for every four children under eight years old.
21. More young people attending university than ever before.
22. More than doubled the number of apprenticeships starts, with figures for 2008/9 showing 240,000 started an apprenticeship this year compared to 75,000 in 1997.
23. In 1997 more than half of all schools saw less that 30 per cent of their pupils fail to get 5 good GCSEs including English and Maths. Now only 247 schools – less than one in twelve - fail this benchmark and we are guaranteeing that no school should fail this mark after 2011.
24. We have increased school funding to support the delivery of higher standards. Between 1997-98 and 2009-10, total funding per pupil has more than doubled from £3,030 in 1997-98 to £6,350 in 2009-10 in real terms, an increase of 110 per cent.
25. The Northern Ireland peace process.
26. The car scrappage scheme, where owners scrapping an old car receive £2,000 off the price of a new car, has assisted with over 380,000 orders being placed, keeping the automotive industry and its supply chain on its feet
27. The UK is now smokefree, with no smoking in most enclosed public places.
28. The UK’s greenhouse gas emissions are now 21 per cent below 1990 levels, beating our Kyoto target.
29. Over £20 billion invested in bringing social housing to decent standards.
30. Rough sleeping has dropped by two thirds and homelessness is at its lowest level since the early 1980s.
31. Free off-peak travel on buses anywhere in England for over-60s and disabled people.
32. Since 1997 overall crime is down 36 per cent; domestic burglary is down 54 per cent; vehicle related crime is down 57 per cent; and violent crime is down 41 per cent.
33. A new flexible Australian-style points-based system for immigration to ensure only those economic migrants who have the skills our economy needs can come to work in the UK.
34. Police numbers up by almost 17,000 since 1997, alongside more than 16,000 Police Community Support Officers.
35. Every community now has its own dedicated neighbourhood police team, easily contactable by the people who live in that community and working with them to agree local priorities and deal with people’s concerns.
36. Equalised the age of consent and repealed Section 28.
37. Through the introduction of civil partnerships, Labour has for the first time given legal recognition to same-sex partners. Gay couples now have the same inheritance, pension and next-of-kin rights as married couples.
38. Tripled Britain’s overseas aid budget. UK aid helps lift an estimated 3 million people out of poverty every year.
39. Cancelled up to 100 per cent of debt for the world’s poorest countries.
40. Britain now has more offshore wind capacity than any country in the world. Wind last year provided enough electricity to power 2 million homes.
41. Embarked on the biggest program of council house building for twenty years.
42. Launched the Swimming Challenge Fund to support free swimming for over 60s and under 16s.
43. Banned fox hunting.
44. Led the campaign to win the 2012 Olympics for London. Today the programme remains on time and on budget with over 40 per cent of the construction programme completed and all major venues under construction.
45. Free admission to our national museums and galleries.
46. Devolution in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, an elected Mayor and Assembly for London and directly-elected mayors for those cities that want them.
47. Created a new right of pedestrian access to the English coast, so that every family has the opportunity to enjoy the length and breadth of our coastline.
48. In Europe we signed the Social Chapter and introduced measures including: four weeks’ paid holiday; a right to parental leave; extended maternity leave; a new right to request flexible working; and the same protection for part-time workers as full-time workers.
49. Led efforts to agree a new international convention banning all cluster munitions and made Britain one of the first countries to ratify a convention to ban anti-personnel landmines
50. Introduced the first ever British Armed Forces and Veterans Day to honour the achievements of our Armed Forces – both past and present.

23rd April 2010, 09:28
I understand the apathy folk on this forum display towards Government. Some say it’s all a fix or they are the illuminati’s men no matter who gets in. Well, that’s as maybe but here’s the gig. You are in this world. Its real and it’s right now. You work, live, raise your kids and pay your taxes in this country…right now…. today. Your in it weather you like it or not. So you may as well have your one little “X” marks the spot, say in it.
I’m not trying to tell you who to vote for but I am saying vote. Vote for who is going to shag you less. By that I’m not just talking money.

For me it’s Labour. I’ve relied on the NHS over the years….16 broken bones, 4ft of scare and 3 gut operations. I’ve had me moneys worth so’s to speak. Under the CONservatives I witnessed a decline in NHS services, leading to the first round of super bugs. So much for privatizing the cleaning services in the NHS. Labour, on the other hand, has pumped more money in and in my city we have a brand new hospital, (not forgetting schools and colleges rebuilt) more nurses, doctors, shorter waiting lists, cancer specialists and my GP has 2 late evenings per week. Yer, it’s not perfect. There are too many rules for the nurses and a few unnecessary managers, which the conservatives are quick to tell you about. The conservatives are now saying they are pro NHS where history shows otherwise. They now say they’ll cut waist in the NHS and history showed just how they did it last time… much to our health’s expense.

There ends a SteveX party political broadcast… got carried away there, sorry. Anyways, I’m saying use your vote.

23rd April 2010, 11:05
In the interst of fairness here's a very good video why not to vote.
(Some strong language. Click link)


23rd April 2010, 11:32
i cant believe people in the uk say Labour, Ive had a read through the list above and have to say its nothing less than grey propaganda.

a) Illegal inVasion and occupation of iraq
b)Illegal invasion and occupation in Afghanistan
c) High Treason
d)Insidious replacement of Common law with Law of the Sea.
e)Deception of the people
f)New World Order attack dogs (how many times have you heard Brown say NWO?)
so on so on

But suddenly theyre the best choice? I dont understand that logic - I lived through the milk snatchers years in power too. Theyre both as bad as each other. A big puppet show for the guillible from the arch deceivers.

23rd April 2010, 16:12
I sympathize almost entirely with your sentiments. They are all out to shag us one way or another but there is no significant movement to oppose the standard political system. You could do as Stefbot says in the video link (post 26) but there isn't enough people to follow that lead. So we're stuck with the 2 horse race unless these presidential style TV personality shows prompt a Balanced / hung parliament.

It's my contention that Conservatives, who voted yes to most of your points above, would shag you back to the Victorian era given half a chance. Yes we're going to take it in the botty no matter who gets in but who's more adept at that? I would say the Etonion with his public school dormitory knowledge. He's already setting up policy for the boys, namely his "Master of the hunt" Viscount father in law and 200,000 tax cuts for the rich. Just don't let those Wayne Kerrs back in. They'll have you doffing your cap at the doll office quicker than you can say “thankee me lawd.”

Edited to add this

i cant believe people in the uk say Labour, Ive had a read through the list above and have to say its nothing less than grey propaganda.

I haven't checked the figures but for me those 50 points go a long way for the average man in this country.