View Full Version : Idea: What if we poll/rank questions for Charles!

31st January 2011, 00:53
Maybe this has been brought up - delete my post if needed.

The external site with Charles questions was very cool - it helped me get caught up. It probably saved me HOURS. It got me thinking...

We may not have the capability right out of the box just yet, but I'm sure one of us could even code something to rank a list of questions from Avalon members. I can't tell if the Poll function for vBulletin is turned on or off, but maybe that could be used too. It would be cool to track questions so they are included in a discrete list, where users know the "state" of a question. Not unlike a ticketing system. I realize this could turn into quite a "project" - but those types of things start with assigning need/value first. Just kicking out some ideas.