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31st January 2011, 03:53
A “Global Political Awakening”? …Guess again.

By Alex Kochkin

Many will want to believe something and so place their naïve hopes in some “new” world order, whatever it is that it some people may call it. This might even be supported by the perception of some greater threat to humanity and earth.

The agendas and motivations of the powers-that-be are confusing and difficult to penetrate. Find one shred of real truth, and you will be misdirected by ten times as many red herrings all leading to ten times as many “rabbit holes”. “Whatever works for us” is perhaps the best way to describe the powers-that-be. If “fascism and war” does the trick, that is what will be pursued, if “peace and prosperity” is what work for a time, then that is the ticket. If a new unholy “Crusades” will help, then that will be promoted. Eventually the masses of people will become accustomed to all this and not know or care anymore as long as their material lives appear to have some continuity. The powers-that-be will support any and all sides as long as their agenda can be advanced. Even as these deceptions are partially unmasked, new deceptions are created such as WikiLeaks and various false “whistleblower” websites.

To compel masses of humans to comply with a global unified control system, will the card of a false alien/ET “threat” be played by the planetary powers-that-be? We cannot foretell the answers to this and so it will be events that do tell. It is one of a number of high-threat scenarios that are being prepared to pre-empt excessive global chaos and oblige more humans one last time to offer themselves up to the whim and will of those who work for the darkness. Will a genuine alien threat be identified as actually real? Perhaps. Is there a faction of the powers-that-be that does not go along with the dark alien alliance of their peers? Probably. Should they be supported? Why? It is all much more intricately complicated than this.

From the present state of human awareness, does it really matter in any actionable way?

“The spiritual light grows even as the darkness seems so present in this physical realm. It is only from this light that new creation is shaped and so is our existence as spiritual beings.”
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31st January 2011, 23:10
for those who are interested in watching the "controller" manufactured "uprising"...go here