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1st February 2011, 03:19
i happened upon this video tonight where the lord in questions was making a comment to other lords in the house about an entity he named "foundation x" who was willing to give very very large sums of gold bullion backed money to the uk for whatever uses it sees fit.

i saw on one of the copies of this video that it could be people in china who are making this offer for global strategic reasons.

the lord in the video mentions his and others investigations in the apparent truth of their offerings.

have a look yourselves and see what you make of it.

anyone not familiar with the house of lords (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/House_of_Lords) should know they are a very high point of power within british establishment. their powers are far more wide ranging than the houses of commons or parliment as you might say.

is there some relationship with the 33? could this be a reason why charles is heading to china?

pertinant material from 1:08


original source (http://tpuc.org/content/you-might-find-interesting)

1st February 2011, 04:55
will investigate this more fully for any updates, thanks for your post.